#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.
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Roll of Honor

Age: 39
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas Richard Kelly

Our son Thomas was a dedicated firefighter‚ as are his Dad and older brother. His other brother is a police Detective Retired. He and his youngest sister were especially close. Thomas was a devoted son to us‚ having built his house a few blocks from us. He was an avid cyclist riding two consecutive years from Bear Mountain to Boston for AIDS awareness. He belonged to a cycle club and enjoyed it so much. He intended to do a cycle ride in France this summer.

He volunteered his time at the Atlantis Aquarium. He was a certified deepsea diver‚ diving with the club team in Cozumel and Bovaire. He volunteered for the Dart Team.

He was so happy to have made his home here in Riverhead‚ New York. By the same token we were thrilled‚ too‚ if someone from the family was close by.

Thomas enjoyed life and helping people was always a priority for Thomas. We miss him dreadfully‚ but we imagine him in heaven as an angel doing good works. Our angel Thomas!

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  1. I remember Tommy as the little brother of my friends Bobby and Jimmy and cousin John. Later as a teenager Tommy and I worked at the Triangle Hofbrau Restuaranttogether. We spent many an evening talking about life and family.

    – Greg Bonura
  2. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to those in your community. This year I am climbing for you in the OKC 9/11 Memoril Stair Climb and I am honored to climb in your place.

    – Jason Garrison
  3. I have so many fond memories of Tommy from SMGH. Laughing and hanging out. I miss him and am honored to call him my friend.
    -Marie Pelliccia

    Marie Pelliccia
  4. My husband Cliff and I walked the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field today. Cliff walked in memory of Firefighter Thomas R Kelly Ladder 105. Thank-you for your service and sacrifice. You will never be forgotten. Cliff and Nichole Reimer

    – Cliff Reimer
  5. Today I completed the 9/11 Stair climb in St. Louis, MIssouri in remembrance of you! Thank you for your sacrifice and bravery! It was an honor to climb for you and be apart of this experience that took so many! You are a hero to us all!

    – Kristina Loftis
  6. At the 2019 San Antonio110 9/11 Memorial climb, I climbed in tribute to the firefighters who lost their lives that day. It was my honor to carry the tag for FF LT. Thomas R. Kelly, L-105. Never forget.

    – Frank Lugo
  7. I lived on the same street opposite side opposite corner. Our families knew each other. We all went to school together at St Mary Gate Of Heaven.. I heard they named our Avenue after Thomas. That was a very hard day for the Kelly family and for the United States . Will always remember Thomas and all who fell that day and are still dying from 9/11 related illnesses ❤️

    – Therese Wehrle DeBlasio
  8. 9-13-2020 – Prince George Virginia……Today I rode in a 9/11 “ride” to honor Firefighters, first responders and all that perished on 9/11. I live in Prince George, Virginia. Each rider took a beautiful painted rock which held the name of a HERO. I picked the rock that had your son’s name on it. As I held that rock..I thought of what was taken from you and my heart breaks..I said his name and he rode with me almost 100 miles as we completed our ride. I placed the rock at the memorial site that we ended at but I will never forget his name. I will say his name, “Thomas Richard Kelly.” God Bless your family and I will remember him on every ride for the rest of my life. Heart Felt Hugs, Mabelle Jane Green

    – Mabelle Jane Green
  9. Sorry for your loss. I’m sitting in oib, nc where they had a ceremony for fallen firefighters and people of 911. They gave out flags and mine had your sons name on it. God bless you and all families.

    – Mike Smith
  10. Today I completed the AZ 9/11 Tower Challenge in honor of Thomas Kelly. God Speed my brother, we will never forget, and always push forward.

    – Justin McQueen
  11. 9/11/2021
    Seth DelGrasso
    Aspen Police Officer
    Today was the 20th anniversary of the day that changed so much for so many. Thomas R. Kelly and his brave brothers and sisters acted selflessly to serve and help those in need. I do best to honor their actions, and your loss, everyday. Thomas R. Kelly will never be forgotten.
    Peace be with you.

    – Seth DelGrasso
  12. Today, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I participated in the Colorado 9/11 Stair Climb at Red Rocks. I climbed in remembrance of Thomas and it was an honor and a privilege to do so. Thank you, Thomas, for your service and sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.

    – Nancy Fletcher
  13. Today Oct 30 21 my wife and I ran in the Tunnel to Towers Foundation race north of Tampa near Port Richey Florida. We were given shirt to wear and a name badge with photo and name of Thomas Kelly LAD 13. Badge also had no 343 FDNY.

    Wanted family to know it was an honor to wear this and will keep it. Benton Jones Tampa, Fl

    Benton C Jones
  14. As he and his lady friend walked into the Lucky Dot on Pecks Pond, he said “hi Ed have an Oduls Beer on us.” That was Friday Night before 9/11/01. He liked to talk which we did when he visited Pa. Poconos at the Lucky Dot Hotel Bar on Pecks Pond; about 18 miles above Stroudsburg via Rt. 402.This was the place they would be at after they came from N.Y. I will always remember that day, i had called my wife wondering if Richie was there as a fireman. I really liked him and his lady friend,a good looking couple. We miss him.

    – Eaward H. Algard
  15. The year after 9/11 my wife and I were at a local street fair. There was a booth honoring the fallen firefighters, police officers and all who have given their lives on that horrible day. At this booth they had cards with a name and ladder they were from and the card I received was Thomas R. Kelly from ladder 15. I placed the card in my wallet and from that day to now the card has been there, as a reminder of all who’d given their lives that others may carry on. May God bless you Fireman Kelly and all your brothers, family and friends for all that You’ve given. God bless you all!!

    – Steven Michael Ferris