Roll of Honor

Timmy R. Manning

Timmy R. Manning

  • Assistant Chief
  • Calloway County Fire-Rescue
  • Kentucky
  • Age: 53
  • Year of Death: 2021

Timmy was dedicated to helping his community. He passed on January 18, 2021. He was 53, with so much to give. To say Timmy loved Fire-Rescue would be an understatement. Although it was strictly volunteer for him, he dedicated himself to the department as much as if not more than if he were being paid.

As a boy, Timmy was always drawn to police and first responders. From watching Squad 51 to winning a school art contest with a police car pulling over a truck, Timmy knew that was all he wanted to do. At 18 he joined Fire-Rescue, and at 21 he joined the sheriff’s office as the youngest deputy in the state of Kentucky.

He had a dream to be a full-time firefighter or state trooper, but due to his medical condition he feared he would not be able to pass the required physicals, so he poured his passion into being a part-time deputy and volunteer firefighter. Timmy was born with a rare medical condition called X-linked agammaglobulinemia, which is a problem with the immune system in which the blood does not produce enough gamma globulins. As a result, he had to take weekly infusions to keep his immune system healthy.

Timmy was a member of Calloway County Rescue for 33 years. At his passing, he was assistant chief. His passion was to help others and the community. He served his community as a sheriff’s deputy from 1988-2003, as well as his most recent position as constable since 2003. Timmy loved every aspect of the fire department. On a stormy day or night, he was out clearing roads of fallen trees for safe passage. You could always find him driving a truck in our small-town holiday parades. He loved to smile and wave and see the joy and respect the community had for the fire department. One of his biggest passions in fire rescue was recruitment. Timmy was always finding new members to build the department. Along with others, he would set up at events and hand out information about becoming a volunteer.

Timmy was a huge sports fan. If he wasn’t watching a game on TV, he was listening to it on the radio or attending games. In high school he was on a state championship track team. Later he went back to his high school and volunteered as an assistant coach.

He was one of his son’s biggest fans, whether at wrestling meets or football games. Timmy loved his family wholeheartedly. Timmy left behind a son, wife, and four stepdaughters he loved as his own.

Timmy will be remembered for living his life to help others. He shall never be forgotten for all the many wonderful things he did and all his time he sacrificed to help others.

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