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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 43
Year of Death: 2001

Timothy Brian Higgins

  • Husband to Caren Higgins for 18 years
  • Father to Christopher‚ Catie and Cody
  • Son of Joan and Ed Higgins
  • Brother to Maureen‚ Mike‚ Bob‚ Joe‚ Matt

Timothy Higgins was born on March 2‚ 1958‚ in Brooklyn‚ New York. He was the third of six children in a family with firefighting in its blood. After grade school the family moved to Freeport‚ Long Island.

In a few short years‚ Tim was already a member of the Freeport Volunteer Fire Department. In 1979‚ at the minimum age of 21‚ he began what would be a 22-year career with the New York City Fire Department.

In 1983‚ Tim met and soon married his wife Caren. In January of the next year they had their first child‚ Christopher. Over the next two years the family grew with the birth of daughters Catie and Cody. Soon after that the family moved to Farmingville‚ Long Island where they still live today.

While raising his young family‚ Tim had become a member of Rescue 2 in Brooklyn where he would work for the next 13 years. In April of 2000‚ he was promoted to Lieutenant and took a position as the Department’s Rescue Scuba coordinator before again being reassigned to Squad 252‚ also in his native Brooklyn.

As the firefighter‚ he was someone who was relentless in his devotion to his job. His lack of fear and creative instincts helped him to accomplish his lifesaving tasks with veteran skill. He was highly trained in many different department operations‚ learning anything that would improve his ability to save lives. He instructed many of his fellow firefighters with a unique approach that helped him improve those around him as well as furthering his own personal experience. Although truly modest‚ Lt. Tim Higgins himself was awarded a medal of bravery and many smaller citations.

As a man‚ Tim was always enjoying the things he did as well as cherishing those around him. His devotion to his work was second only to the devotion he showed to all of his family. He was a person who also had a song in his heart that he could often be found singing out loud. He never missed an opportunity to laugh hard or to just simply have a good time.

Although proud of his work‚ Tim Higgins lived more for the moments in his life that involved his friends and family‚ a cold beer‚ good food‚ and‚ lastly‚ a good song.

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  1. Sorry Tim….I Just Saw This Site….We would have been all over it like Legacy if we knew….
    ~You are Loved, Talked About and Missed “EVERYDAY” Lil’ Brother

    – Maureen
  2. What a beautiful and wonderful tribute to our son, Tim. All that was written about him was true. He loved his family, his friends and above all the job. He, along with his father and 3 of his brothers were on the job at the same time, until his father, Ed retired. A “good” job, a cold beer, and music of any kind, along with family made him a happy man. God Bless You, Tim You are loved and missed every day. And you were fun.

    – Joan & Edward Higgins
  3. The greatest Urban Firefighter of all time, hands down.

    – Joe Higgins
  4. I was inspired by Tim’s story and will be participating in the 2016 San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in memory of the sacrifice he made trying to save others. I feel both humbled and honored to be doing the event in Tim’s memory. His family and loved ones will be in my thoughts.

    – Paulina B.
  5. Climbed with your photo to honor your memory and sacrifice today in our local 9/11 stair climb. Thank you and your family for dedicating your lives to saving others. You are not forgotten .

    – Ben
  6. I don’t even know where to begin. Timothy, I did not know you, but had the honor of climbing in your memory yesterday on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11. The bravery that you must have shown, and the
    sacrifice that you made is not forgotten. As I climbed with the firefighters yesterday in their gear – I was in awe – watching the men carry their gear up the 110 Floor Climb – I could see you… running in to rescue those that were trapped or injured. I am especially touched as I lost my loving father that day on the 100th Floor of Tower One. It brought me such joy, and pride, and peace to be able to participate in this event in your honor and the other 342 firefighters that lost their lives that day doing the job that they loved. I want your family to know that I will never forget you, or your brothers, and plan to remember you along with my father every anniversary! God Bless You and your family!!!

    – Lisa
  7. In August of 2011, I begged my mother to take me to the then temporary 9/11 Tribute memorial. As we were leaving I saw that they were selling metal wrist bands, each with the name of a victim of that day. It was random and I received a band with the words
    9/11/01 WTC FDNY”
    Every year for the last 6 years I’ve displayed it and wore it to honor his sacrifice, only knowing his name and rank. I didn’t know him, and I don’t know his family, but now that I’ve found this page, I am grateful I can tell people about him whenever they ask me who he was. God bless Tim, his entire family and the FDNY.

    – Vincent Snyder
  8. I climbed in honor of u today at the Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI. I read ur biography, what an amazing man. I will remember u in song and a cold beer.

    – Jenny B
  9. Thank you for your service. I am humbled by your bravery.

    – David Baker
  10. Went to school with your daughters and am now a member in the fdny….couldnt be more humbled to follow in your footsteps LT…oorah

    – Rich
  11. I will be climbing in your honor tommorow for the FDIC 2018 9/11 memorial stair climb in Indianapolis. It’s my honor.

    – Jordan Higgins
  12. 9/9/18- riding in remembrance of 9/11 today. I’m riding in honor of Lt. Timothy Higgins of Special OPS. Possibly 300 of us Bikers here in Knoxville TN riding in honor of those that their lives were taken on that tragic day #neverforget

    – Ray
  13. I climbed with Tim’s photo today (the 17th anniversary) at the Red Rocks Memorial Stair Climb in Denver, Colorado. It was a privilege to honor his memory.
    My son is a recruit at West Metro Fire Department and climbed, with his group, in full gear. This was very a humbling experience….

    – Steve G
  14. I recently participated in the San Diego 9/11 Stair climb representing Lieutenant Timothy Higgins. To Tim’s friends, family and loved ones I’d like you to know his memory is still alive and I’m honored to represent a true hero like him.

    – Michael R Hullum
  15. You were “my” firefighter fot the 2018 Lambeau climb. An honor. Climbing in the best of conditions was hard. You did it in the worst. Yet did it and gave your all for the sake of others. Thank you and your family for setting such a wonderful example.

    – Wendy Osborne
  16. To the Higgins family, we are so sorry for your loss. It is an honour to hear the stories of all the firefighters in your family through documentaries. All these years later we still remember the heroic sacrifice here in England xx we will never forget xx

    – Nikki Barrs
  17. I climbed in honor of Lieutenant Timothy Higgins for the 2019 911 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field Green Bay WI. I was honored to climb and ring the bell in your memory. Thank you for your service! The day ended with a beer and a toast to you!

    – Connie Schmidt
  18. Today in my town for a 9/11 memorial we walked the stadium stairs to honor the passed. We got lanyards with the names of the passed and I picked up Mr. Higgins name and picture. I wanted to find a way to tell the family thank you for his service while walking the stairs I felt honored to represent him.

    – Savannah Taylor
  19. I was able to climb 110 floors in honor of Lt. Higgins today, here in Iwakuni, Japan. My thoughts are with the Higgins family. I will never forget your hero and the sacrifice that he made to help save others.

    – Hillary Hearrean
  20. To the Higgins family, my sincere condolences on the loss of your son / brother Timmy. My family grew up across the street from your family on E. 21st St. in Sheepshead Bay, and even after all these years I still remember the laughter and good times with all the neighborhood kids. May he rest in peace.

    – Christopher Lordahl
  21. Thank you for your selfless act.

    I hope colleen sees this and remembers me from AOL.
    [email protected]

    – Lori Morris
  22. He lived next to my aunt in Farmingville was such a great guy he loved his family so much a real Hero I would talk to him often always with his kids working on the house just a real shame such a good man was lost

    – Joe
  23. I will be climbing this Sunday 9/13/20 in Kansas City to honor Timothy.

    – Braycee M
  24. Although not related by any means, seeing our surname always causes me to tear up. I never had the good fortune of knowing you, your family or extended fire family. I’m making an impromptu trip the 1st week of March, to visit your firehouse and pay my respects at the memorial. It’s been a long time coming to finally take this trip, but I can’t wait any longer. – Kevin Higgins “Higgy O’Higgins” on Facebook

    – Kevin Higgins
  25. I sent out for a memorial bracelet after 9-11 and received it with the name Timothy Higgins. I proudly wear this bracelet in his memory

    – Susan M Duncan
  26. On Sat 9/11/2021 For the Tunnel for Towers 5K in Orlando I was have the honor to run with this brave heros name on the tag attached to my shirt. As an Army veteran doing so I do this with all the honor I have in me. I will rub with everything I have in me to honor him and all him and everyone on that day

    – Christina Boyd
  27. Tomorrow, on the 20th anniversary of 911, I am participating in the 911 Tower Challenge in Glendale, Arizona. It is my great honor to climb in Tim’s name, wearing his photo proudly as my badge of honor. Others from my firm are doing the same for other heroes like Tim. After reading this tribute, I have no doubt that we would have been friends, Tim. I will think of you with each step, and will raise a glass to you afterward, listening to some good music. God bless you, Tim, and thank you for your service and sacrifice. And god bless your family and friends. NEVER FORGET. ~ Joe Popolizio

    Joseph J. Popolizio
  28. 9.11.2021
    I had the honor of wearing a lanyard with FF Timothy Higgins photo on it. Alongside firefighters from the area my family & I completed the memorial stair climb in Hoover,AL. We will never forget

    – Bo Walker
  29. It was a honor and a privilege to of been his longtime friend a great man along with his family god bless.

    – Peter Mallimo
  30. Twenty years ago I sat in freshman science watching in horror as planes crashed the towers. As I was sitting there watching, only 14 years old, Lieutenant Higgins was dashing up stairs to save the people stuck, injured, and all around terrified. He remains such a shinning example of who we should all aspire to be – both a family man and dedicated to bettering the world around him.
    Doing the climb at Lambeau field is one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I am so glad his memory and story lives on both on here but mostly through his family. Thank you to all of you who continue to give of yourselves to better the world around you as well as all the way here in WI.

    – Heather T.
  31. Hey Brother Tim,
    Joe is with you now. Don’t forget to watch over us all. Ride the Clouds Guys 💥💖💖💥

    – Mo
  32. You are thought of often…especially on this day … your family is prayed for just as often… thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Your cousin RoseAnn K

    – RoseAnn McLaughlin