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Age: 42
Year of Death: 2001

Timothy M. Stackpole

On June 5‚ 1998‚ Timothy Stackpole was severely injured in a fifth alarm fire in Brooklyn. Two of his fellow firefighters were killed and more injured in a collapse. Timmy spent over two months in the Burn Center with fourth and fifth degree burns over 40% of his body. He endured many surgeries and months of painful rehabilitation. He had two goals: to recover and spend as much time as he could with his family‚ and to return full-duty to a job he loved. Against popular opinion‚ he succeeded. On March 10‚ 2001‚ Timmy returned to his lieutenant’s job _ full-duty. He was promoted to Captain on September 6‚ 2001‚ and was in FDNY headquarters‚ off-duty‚ the morning of September 11. Of course‚ he responded.

Timmy had a huge heart‚ and shared his faith and compassion and love with everyone he met. His remarkable story has inspired many and his love for the job has touched many firefighters across the country.

He was a loving husband and friend‚ an adored father‚ and a loving‚ devoted son and brother. He was a hero not only because of how he died but‚ more importantly‚ because of how he lived.

Tara Stackpole

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  1. he is my inspiration, he is my hero, he made my cry, he is my best

    – j.m
  2. i did a speech on him he is my model

    – cameron c
  3. Today my wife, daughter and I did the 9/11 memorial stair climb. We all represented one fallen firefighter as we climbed. I was very honored to represent Timmy.

    – Tim Knepp
  4. I am honored to climb for Timothy. I have read his story and cannot put into words my sincere gratitude for him and for the firefighters in this country. We are a strong nation because of men like Timothy. My deepest sympathy to his family. Thank you for your service Captain Stackpole.

    – Hillary Pulse
  5. beautiful story he is my role model, lifechanger

    – anonymous
  6. Respect

    – MR
  7. Tim was a great man and gave his life to save others for that he is a true hero in my book and many others.

    – S.W.B
  8. Capt. Stackpole, your memory and heroism will live forever.

    – E.R.S.
  9. It is my honor to run in his memory today.

    – Misti
  10. i climbed 90 steps in your honor

    – dean
  11. I ran in remembrance of you at Bay View Middle School today-2016-Never Forget.

    – S.V.
  12. I climbed in honor of Timothy M. Stackpole at the 2016 Lambeau Field, WI stair climb. Reading his story is very touching and is also a good reminder that we may not have tomorrow. Love and appreciate everyday. Thank you Timothy, for your dedication and service; you are a hero. It’s an honor to wear your badge.

    – Liz Paulick
  13. Timothy was a really great man, we climbed 78 flights of stairs today and Bay View Middle School in honor of him

    – Olivia G
  14. I climes in rememberance today at Bay View Middle School- 2016- Never Forget.

  15. I climbed in your honor today

    – Thomas Heisel
  16. Hi I’m Darius Holewinski, I walked 50 flights of stairs today at Bay Veiw Middle School in honor of Timothy for his bravery and help.

    – Darius Holewinski
  17. I am a student at bay view and I climbed stairs today in your honor, never forget.

    – Casey
  18. he is the most memerble person R.I.P

    – jaden
  19. Timmy
    I’m sure heaven has all the fun and more we had playing freeze tag in Good Shepherd school yard…..
    God bless you my friend …

    – Tommy Buonanno
  20. I was shown a video about Timothy while trying to learn more about 9/11 and how it impacted America. I was so touched by his story and it has really helped me to comprehend how tragic 9/11 was considering I wasn’t born until a few years later. Timothy Stackpole was, and is, a true hero. He was brave and his perseverance was inspiring to me in more ways than one.

    – Julia
  21. Your story has always stuck with me. Whenever I visit my brother’s grave (Frank Thomas Olivieri) in St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY I feel assured knowing that you are buried literally just feet away from him. Frank died by fire, too and I find it no coincidence that you are both so close together. rest in Peace… you are not forgotten.

    – Christine Gleeson
  22. His story is so inspiring. He is a true hero and his bravery and valor is an inspiration to all I’m sure

    – Will
  23. Timothy was a great friend and a great firefighter. Miss you more every day buddy.

    – Ed m
  24. I am climbing stairs in Tim’s honor today in Sioux Falls, SD at Step up for Heroes. Blessings to his family!

    – Anna
  25. My mentor, great human being.

    – Sarosh Ahmed
  26. I remember caring for Tim just a couple of times when he was injured in 1998 at the burn center. I was so upset to hear of his passing on 9/11. Every 9/11 I remember him since that awful day in 2001. To this day, he is in my prayers and I will never forget the kind, family man that he was. I found this site and thought I would share my memories of him to you, and I hope you and your family are all doing well.

    – Janice Meyer
  27. I’m doing a memorial for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. I am choosing one name to represent each letter of the Alphabet. When I got to the Ts, his name was what I chose. I have read his short bio and I know that he was a great man. I am very sorry he passed.

    – Jake Suggs
  28. Climbing today, 9-11-2021 at Lambeau Field for Captain Timothy M. Stackpole, Ladder 103.

    – Rick Young
  29. I climbed in Timothy’s honor today, the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001. We are indebted to those, like Timothy, who selflessly gave their lives so that we could keep ours.

    – RKC
  30. This man gave everything so that so many others could life. he is my hero and i hope we can meet in the next life.

    – MTR
  31. On this 20th anniversary of 9/11/01,I reflect on the past 20 without my little brother. Yes he was everything that all of you have written. To me the things I most remember are when we were kids. Growing up in a small three bedroom home in Marine Park Brooklyn New York. There were five of us little ones. And just like brothers we would break each other’s chops. It continued when we grew up with a friendly cop – firemen rivalry. I miss those days. Thanks to all of you were written on this page. Timmy appreciate it.

    – Ed Stackpole
  32. Sharing this story as part of a message I’m speaking this weekend in Western Australia. Timothy’s life and service is still making a difference all over the world.

    – James Middleton
  33. I did not know Timothy, but had a blood drive poster in my office from years before, that reads “Fire Lt. Stackpole was badly burned in the line of duty. But he owes his life to someone like you.” A friend from work who had been with the FDNY told me he was a lovely man and that he died on 9/11 trying to save others. I keep his poster in my office to remind me of his service and let my students know. A few years ago, there was a fire in my building and I saved two children, neighbors from the burning apartment and FDNY came and saved the rest of my neighbors and the building we live in. Fire Capt. Stackpole and his colleagues are exemplars to our community and humanity.

    – '-C
  34. Today is September 11, 2023. I am 70 years old living in NYC since 1976. I was searching for Timothy today because I remember the searing story of how he fought so valiantly to come back to the job after the terrible, terrible burns he suffered in the 1998 Brooklyn fire, only to be murdered on 9/11 while trying to save others. He is a hero and martyr and is not and never will be forgotten.

    – Karen Ayward