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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Timothy S. Haskell

Timmy was born on February 25‚1967. He grew up in Seaford‚ Long Island. He graduated from Seaford High in 1985‚ where he participated on the football‚ wrestling‚ and lacrosse teams. Timmy joined the Nassau County Corrections Department at the age of 21‚ where he was a top sharpshooter in his class. He remained with the Corrections Department until he became a New York City fireman in 1993. Timmy spent most of his career in Manhattan houses‚ ending in Squad 18.

During much of his career‚ Timmy and his trained Dalmatian‚ Blaze‚ volunteered their time teaching city school children in fire safety and entertaining at UFA Widows and Children functions with a variety of tricks.

In addition to training Blaze to ‘Stop‚ Drop and Roll’‚ Timmy’s other passions included scuba diving‚ boating‚ flying and spending time with family and friends. He was a risk taker who loved anything fast. He loved to surf and ski. His appropriate nickname was ‘Dude.’

Timmy loved everything about life – he loved to laugh and made sure everyone else laughed as well. He was not afraid to take chances and was undaunted by setbacks. He rose to every challenge and made sure that he put all he had into everything that he did.

On the day of the attacks‚ Timmy rushed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center with his company‚ assisting in the rescue of 25‚000 innocent lives. In a display of incredible bravery‚ Timmy continued to save lives despite the collapse of the South Tower. Timmy never wavered in his mission‚ continuing to evacuate people until he made the supreme sacrifice in the second collapse. Timmy was 34 years old.

Also lost on that day was Timmy’s brother‚ Battalion Chief Thomas Haskell.

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  1. Sadly I did not know you in this life, but your story, the bond you shared with your brothers and your heroism stood out among the thousands who lost their lives that day. I remember you and your ultimate sacrifice 13 years after that dark day.

    May you and Tom rest in eternal peace.

    – Carrow
  2. Hey Timothys family, my name is Taylor and I am from Louisiana. My cousin is helping run a memorial stair climb here and I am a volunteer for the organization. I just want you to know that I am very proud to represent Mr. Timothy and will wear his name proudly. I’m sorry for your loss. God bless.

    – Taylor Fontenot
  3. Timothy “Dude” Haskell,
    Today on 9-12-16 I came into work at Pierce Manufacturing, to be greeted at the gates to choose a badge with a picture and name on it. I choose your name. I just want to thank you for all you have done in saving lives of those you didn’t know on such a sad day. I wear this badge proudly in remembrance of you

    – Jason Lafountain
  4. Today, 15 years after 9/11 attacks, I watched a documentary about you, your brothers, mom and sister; and all that happened on that terrible day. This planet needs heroes like you and Tom, and humanity will always remember and honor the heroes. Rest in peace up there in heaven…

    – Toni A.
  5. Every 9/11 I think of Tim. I did not know until the one year 9/11 memorial, that Tim lost his life. I met him at a club in Long Island, it was so long ago I don’t even remember the name of the club. But it was on the water. He took me and my girlfriend for a ride on his boat, and we hung out for a while. I remember when he became a firefighter. He would sometimes call and tell me about his fitness plan. He ordered Chinese food, steamed vegetables and rice. Tim was very quiet. He spoke with his expressions and his eyes. And he was very sweet guy. And very handsome. I think of Tim every Memorial and his family every 9/11. I am so sorry for your loss for both Tim and his brother Tom. What a tragedy. They are in heaven those boys! God Bless You. Sincerely, G

    – Gi
  6. Mr. Haskell…you had a visitor today. He stood there…ran his fingers over your name…stood in reverence, and likely sorrow. He stepped away, as if he was going to leave…hesitated…and came back and touched it again, then he, the man with sorrow in his heart, walked away. And We, the family from Texas, cried…God speed Mr. Haskell.

    – Stacey C.
  7. Mr.Haskell, I currently live in Idaho.we had a fallen hero tribute memorial 5k run is my very first 5k ever and I had the pleasure to run a mile for you and for other fallen heroes. I am grateful for the opportunity to run and remember that God has a wonderful plan for each one of us,and that you will always be remembered as one of the greatest heroes in this world. May God bless your family and friends.

    – Aisha Nalder
  8. Firefighter Haskell, my last name is the same as yours. As I visited the memorial for the first time in 2018, the first names I came upon were you and your brother’s. I don’t know if we are related, but I believe our souls are connected. Thank you for your courage, your service and the ultimate gift of your life. You and your brother are my heroes! God bless your whole family!

    – Phyllis Haskell Floersch
  9. It was my honor to the stairclimb in San Diego for Timothy Haskell. He was a true hero! God bless.

    – Terry Spann
  10. Timmy, I may be the guy the family from Texas saw. I miss you brother. To this day I’ve never met or even heard of anyone with so much appreciation for everything fun in life! I know I’ll see you again and I’m looking forward to it. Until then…
    -Chris Rivielle

    – Chris Rivielle
  11. Today , My dad is Climbing 110 Flights of stairs in your honor. Thank you for everything you did. And sacrificing your life to save others. Thank you ..

    – Avery Pocowatchit
  12. I climbed 110 flights of stairs today at Lambeau Field, in honor of Timothy S. Haskell as well as all other who gave their lives on 9/11/01 and aince then.

    It was my honor and privilege to walk in hos memory. I will NEVER FORGET!

    – Jennifer
  13. I will be climbing in the 911 stair climb this Wednesday in remembrance of Timothy and all the others who gave their lives. I will be at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison Colorado! It is a privilege and my honor to climb in this beautiful venue in Timothy’s memory

    – Barbie
  14. 9/10/2019
    This past Sunday I participated in a 9/11Memorial stair climb in Omaha Nebraska. As I climbed the 110 flights of stairs I wore your badge Timothy. Thank you for your dedication to your job and the people of New York during the 9/11 attack.

    – Sara Horner
  15. I never had the pleasure to meet Tim Haskell, but after 9/11, I received a memorial bracelet with his name on it. (Like the POW bracelets) I researched to see who this amazing person was. I have read his story and I feel like I know him just a little. I wear my bracelet with pride and every year on 9/11 I think of him and all the hero’s from that horrific day. I post Tim’s picture as a reminder of the human sacrifice that this country has endured. Peace and love to Tim and his family.

    – Carolyn Harner
  16. Today I had the honor of doing my first stair climb at Red Rocks Amphitheater with a badge that bore the name of Timothy S. Haskell. Of course I had to google and read more about Tim and his legacy that he left behind taken too soon from this earth. We can never forget all that was given to these dedicated first responders on that day. God bless!

    – Maritsa Yupa-Shelley
  17. On this 9/11, as on the previous 17, I reflect on the fact that you gave the ultimate sacrifice. We share a name; I never knew you, but you ARE America, you are what a hero IS. Send us peace from your spot in heaven.

    – Timothy Haskell
  18. Tim
    We met and flew together with approximately 20 Hawaiian tropics finalist to Jamaica back in 2000 your girlfriend was also one of the finalists I forget her name now and we jumped off cliffs together at ricks café and you were truly a lot of fun to hang around with! I do have 6-7 great photos of you on the trip that maybe your family should have?
    Please Reach out to me anytime or anybody from engine Company No. eight I believe?

    – Mark Doherty
  19. I do not know you , but I’ve read your story and just want to say thank you for your heroism on that sad day . You , your brother and thousands more have shown the rest of the world what a true American is.

    – Lori
  20. Today I had the honor of wearing your photo while I climbed 110 flights of stairs. We finished your climb sir. I will continue to honor your memory now that I have learned more about you. Rest In Peace. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Dorothy Marrero
  21. The Haskells lived just three blocks away from my family. Timmy knew my sister and I. My sister was the same age as Timmy and I was on the football field with him and at football camp. He was always a great guy. He was nice to everyone and fair. He stuck up for the little guy and I was shocked and saddened when I found out that he and Tommy, (also a friend of my other sister) perished in the 9-11 attacks. Both of them were great people. They were not only heroes on 9-11, they were heroes in the life leading up to the attacks. When the towers came down I was horrified, but when I learned that the Haskell boys died, I get a sick feeling in my stomach, having known them and even though we all weren’t “close”, we always thought of them as a good group of kids in the neighborhood. Timmy, Tommy, you both will be missed and I personally thank you for the good memories and sacrifice you made to save the lives of people you didn’t even know. You will never be forgotten.

    – Karl Y.
  22. I was honored today to participate in the Tri-Cities 9-11 Memorial Stairclimb and to carry a badge with the name and picture of Timothy S. Haskell, Firefighter Squad 18. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. All gave the ultimate sacrifice. Please know you will never be forgotten.
    “There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone the light remains.”


    – Donna Hardy
  23. It was my absolute honor and privilege to climb 110 flights of stairs with your name and picture around my neck. Thank you for everything you sacrificed that day. You’re a true hero and an inspiration to us all.

    – Rylee Leal
  24. I met Timmy at hedonism Jamaica for a Hawaiian tropic’s final shoot girls representing almost every state and Timmy’s girlfriend was one of the finalist, Timmy and I we’re only two of the four guys on the trip, we hit it off really well selling together, and the most fun was jumping off of the cliffs at ricks café I have eight photos to give to the family of the trip pre-911 and I would love to get these photos into their hands

    – Mark Doherty
  25. Timothy, you are never forgotten. I teach HS social studies (special ed) and we will be making a memorial to put on our wall for other students to get to know you and your bravery. Thank you for your service.

    – LeeAnn Rigby
  26. I just ran the 9/11 Naples Stair Climb for you … I will never forget you.

    – Kimberly Zuponcic
  27. Tonight I participated in the Salt River Firefighters 9/11 stair climb in Scottsdale, AZ. I chose Tim’s badge by chance and just researched his story and learned about his brother Tom too. What heroes they are, I’m so honored to have climbed 110 stories in remembrance of them. You must be so proud. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    – Heidi Lindsay
  28. Today on the anniversary of Sep 11th I participated in a ruck in honor of the fallen. I wore Timothy’s name and will always remember it proudly. His unwavering support to duty will always be an inspiration to me

    – Jack
  29. I’m a 13 year old who lives in Cincinnati. It was my honor to make the climb on 9/9/23 in memory of Timothy S. Haskell. I made the climb with my dad, Cincinnati interim Fire Chief, Steve Breitfelder, along with recruit class 121 and other members of the CFD. Even though I was not born yet, my mom and dad have been telling me about 9/11/2001. It makes me very sad but I will always remember Timothy S. Haskell and the sacrifice he made that day. He is a true Hero!

    – Reese Breitfelder