Roll of Honor

Timothy W. Royce

Timothy W. Royce

  • 2nd Assistant Chief
  • Mapleton Fire Department
  • Minnesota
  • Age: 57
  • Year of Death: 2018

Tim Royce of Mapleton, Minnesota, was a beloved firefighter, father, and friend to all who were blessed to know him, and his community is forever impacted by the example of his life generously lived in the humble service of others.

Tim was born to Mavis and Roger Royce of Good Thunder, Minnesota, and grew up alongside his three sisters, playing football, wrestling, being in Boy Scouts, and exploring the outdoors. Tim graduated from Amboy-Good Thunder High School and shortly after moved to Mapleton, Minnesota, to start a family. There he found his two greatest passions—volunteer service with the Mapleton Fire Department and raising his two beloved children in a community he served and loved.

Tim was a dedicated member of the Mapleton Fire Department for 18 years. He loved his time in leadership and service for the department and even more so the family he found within its members. He was not only present for every call he could make, but for moments big and small for his fellow firefighters. Tim was there for golf outings, cigar breaks, Saturday breakfast at the local diner, standing as a groomsman for weddings, arranging activities for the kids of the department, playing a jolly and gentle Santa for holiday events, answering late night phone calls for advice, and always ready and willing to share a joke or help a friend in need.

Tim was a spiritual leader in the church and in his family, finding joy in fellowship and worship with his beautiful singing voice. He enjoyed golf, curling, fishing, hunting, and opening his door to his community and many great friends in Mapleton. Perhaps his greatest joy, however, was being a devoted and loving father to his two children. He was their biggest cheerleader, never missing a recital, performance, or opportunity to tell his children how proud they made him. His kids joke that many of the Mapleton community knew more about their lives than they did, as Tim’s favorite pastime was talking about his children with a twinkle of pride in his eye. He worked tirelessly to give his kids the world and teach them how to navigate it, loving them fiercely every step of the way.

Tim was truly one of a kind. He loved unconditionally, made everyone he encountered feel like a friend, humbly led by example, and was an open door and open heart to his beloved community of firefighters, friends, and family. His life lived in love and servitude for others has been a guiding light for his friends and family and will forever continue to be so.

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