Roll of Honor

Todd D. Colton

  • Firefighter
  • Sedgwick County Fire Department
  • Kansas
  • Year of Death: 1990

Submitted by Bill Hinkle‚ Jr. – Firefighter

Firefighter Todd David Colton was a young member of Sedgwick County fire District #1 when he lost his life to Heat Stroke battling a brush fire on September 6‚ 1990‚ after just 9 months on the job. Numerous Firefighter Safety and Health Initiatives including Fire-ground Rehabilitation‚ Personal Accountability‚ Personal Alert Safety Systems‚ Wild-land fire gear and many others were instituted as a result of this untimely and unfortunate event. The review of this tragic incident by SCFD and numerous National organizations has saved countless Firefighter lives nationwide. The best way we can Honor the sacrifice that Todd and his family made on that fateful day in September 1990 is to take every step possible to keep the same accident from happening again and thereby insuring that ‘Everyone Goes Home’

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