Roll of Honor

Token M. Adams

Token M. Adams

  • Captain
  • USDA Forest Service, Santa Fe National Forest
  • New Mexico
  • Age: 42
  • Year of Death: 2013

First off, I’m just going to say that my husband, Token Adams, was an amazing person. He was an engine captain for the Santa Fe National Forest, with the Jemez Springs Ranger District. He had always protected others, whether it was serving in the U.S. Navy or fighting wildland fires. Token was one of the least selfish people I have ever met, always thinking about others before himself.

He was very well known and liked by everyone in the community. He loved the Pueblo food, and I’m pretty sure he stopped in there every day for lunch! Token loved to joke and play, but was also very professional when he needed to be. He always strived to be better, never taking shortcuts and always working hard for what we had. His family was his number one. We would always do something as a family on his days off, whether it was going to lunch or just for a drive. He was a very dedicated husband and father. He would tell me every night that he loved me, and would prove it every day.

Unfortunately, at the young age of 41, the man upstairs decided he needed another angel. I know Token is always around and watching over us. I see him every day in our children.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Being the local Fire Chief for the last 12 years and in emergency services for 18 years I have seen and endured a lot of pain and misery. The week long search for Token with the way it ended finding him deceased out in the forest has been the most difficult. Token was my friend and also a brother, even though he worked for a federal agency and I with the county government, because of our location we ended up helping each other a lot at MVA’s, rescues and on fires. I’ll never forget the day he was found, when we were transporting his body to Albuquerque, we, to the extent possible, showed as much honor and respect as we could. We draped a USA Flag over his body and were escorted by LE the 80 miles or so, when we got to I-25 the road had been shut down- no traffic allowed at all except for the procession of LE and Fire vehicles and all along the route we were greeted by firefighters saluting on the side of the road in the towns we went through. Token was an honorable man and deserved the respect.

    – Lee Taylor
  2. RIP my friend , it was great talking rodeo, and horse with you buddy you will always be in my thoughts.

    – Dan Key
  3. Token came to New Mexico first as a detailer to Santa Fe Helitack in 2011. He spent several weeks with our helicopter program during the Los Conchas fire and was instrumental in helping with that effort, working with other crews, crewmembers, the public and on other fires. He knew he always wanted to come to the southwest and fight fire here in the mountains of northern New Mexico. He was a lot of fun to be around, a hard worker, and you could often hear him laughing with others about something or sharing stories. He was a mentor to some of our crewmembers, providing guidance and instruction, and could always be counted on to get whatever task was before him done quickly and efficiently. He could make nearly any task fun and his enthusiasm was infectious. Whether raking leaves, working on chainsaws or during PT he was always smiling and generally a pretty happy fellow. He was famous for his corny jokes or comments that sometimes were so bad you had to laugh anyway. He was a very good firefighter and always wanted to learn more. After his time on Helitack, he came back to the Santa Fe to run an Engine and brought out his family. He absolutely adored his wife and his son and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of their daughter when he was tragically killed. We have his picture on the wall at the helibase. I often see it when I walk by and think of him and smile. He was quite a character and though most that knew him have moved on, a few of us are still around and remember him on the Santa Fe.

    – Brian Kliesen