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Tom D. Stevens Sr.

Tom D. Stevens Sr.

  • Assistant Chief
  • Bright Volunteer Fire Company
  • Indiana
  • Age: 59
  • Year of Death: 2014

Tom D. Stevens Sr. was a great husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend. In the year 2000, Tom joined the fire department. He was always helping someone; that’s the kind of man he was. He wanted to help in our community, and that’s why he joined. Tom and our oldest son, Tom Jr., joined the department first; later, our youngest son, Mike, and I joined. The department was a volunteer organization, but that didn’t matter. Tom was always willing to do whatever it took to make the department better. He loved being a fireman, and he put his all into it. He worked 12-hour shifts several days a week; when he became assistant chief, he went to full-time days. He took Fire 1 and Fire 2 training and also became an EMT. He went on every run, days and nights. He was so committed he started having Saturday breakfasts and lunches at the firehouse to promote camaraderie. He loved to make everyone laugh, always telling jokes or playing tricks on someone. He created a family atmosphere at the fire house and even had a fire department softball team. He planned cookouts, Christmas parties, bonfires, and used any reason he could to get the families together at the fire house. He always said everyone on the department had value. He could see it and respected it.

Whenever he could, he would play softball with his sons and two grandsons, ages 18 and 12. Softball was also a big part of his life. He loved it. At 58 years old, he still pitched on teams where he was twice their age, and they loved him. He enjoyed spending time with his twin 1-year-old granddaughters, who were his little princesses. When our sons were growing up, he coached baseball, basketball, and was involved with whatever organization they were part of. He was always smiling, singing, joking, and helping. He enjoyed life! His favorite place to eat was a Mexican restaurant in the small town where we live; he even did their maintenance so they didn’t have to pay for repairs. Every chance he got, he had ice cream. Tom loved ice cream.

After he passed away, we were told by people in the community what a wonderful, kindhearted, loving, compassionate person Tom was, which I already knew since we were married for 39 years! He was a devoted family man with a heart of gold! He was an honorable man with many friends. We love him and miss him. He will forever be in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Tom. You’ve earned it.

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