Roll of Honor

Trampus S Haskvitz

Trampus S. Haskvitz

  • Firefighter
  • South Dakota Dept of Agriculture, Division of Wildland Fire
  • South Dakota
  • Age: 24
  • Year of Death: 2011

Trampus S Haskvitz was born December 28‚ 1987‚ in Custer‚ South Dakota‚ to Don and LuJean Haskvitz. Born six minutes after his twin brother‚ John‚ he joined brother Benjamin and sister Betsy. He was blessed with lots of aunts‚ uncles‚ cousins‚ and friends he had gained over the years. He was an amazing Uncle to Ella Lou. At the time of his death‚ he was living in Buffalo Gap‚ South Dakota.

Trampus attended Hot Springs public schools and was involved in football‚ basketball‚ baseball and track. After high school he attended Dickinson State University‚ where he played football for the Blue Hawks and graduated in 2010 with a major in business administration and a minor in manufacturing technology. For the last five years of his life‚ Trampus worked as a seasonal firefighter.

Trampus was the most kindhearted‚ caring person‚ always putting other people first and taking care of everyone. He was his family’s rock. After losing Trampus we learned how much Trampus had taken care of his college friends‚ giving crosses to people who were having hard times. He told his sister to wear a cross and keep it close to her heart‚ for then God is always with you. Trampus will always be remembered for his strong heart‚ gentle spirit‚ and fearless approach to life. He was a leader and had a knack for mischief. He could make pulling weeds fun.

Ben and John always wanted their little brother – the youngest by six minutes – to look up to them. ‘But it was really us who looked up to him‚’ Ben said. ‘We emulated him and tried to find a piece of his character to put into our own. He could talk to anybody. The guy could make friends with a wall.’ People always wanted to help Trampus since he was often the smallest in the group‚ but usually it was Trampus who was helping others.

All three brothers were seasonal firefighters for the South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division‚ and they had the opportunity to work side by side on the fire line for the summers of 2008 and 2009. Trampus joined the ranks in 2007 and was in his fifth summer season when he died fighting the Coal Canyon Fire.

The City of Hot Springs‚ South Dakota‚ has proclaimed August 11th Trampus Haskvitz Day. An annual golf tournament will be held every June to raise money for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation‚ as well as a motorcycle poker run and softball tournament in honor of Trampus. ‘Never Forgotten’ is the vow of his family‚ friends‚ and area firefighters. If love alone could have spared him‚ he would have lived forever.

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