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Age: 37
Year of Death: 2021

Trevor C. Madrid

Fire Captain Trevor Madrid, 36, passed away on Sunday, November 14, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona, surrounded by his family and closest friends. He fought a battle for 971 days against synovial sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.

Trevor loved serving his community as part of the Mesa Fire Department for 14 years. He loved his job and his department. They were truly his family.

Trevor loved all types of adventures and especially traveling. In his younger years you could find him on the track with his motorcycle, snowboarding, hiking, and off-roading. He loved traveling and went to over 20 countries, with a long bucket list he still wanted to accomplish. When traveling, he loved learning about other cultures and volunteering, especially to help underprivileged kids. His heart was one of the most beautiful things about him.

Of all the things Trevor loved, his family ranked the highest. He is survived by his wife, Angela; daughter, Mila (5); and son, Maverick (2). Trevor was an amazing husband, but there was nothing like seeing Trevor become a father. He devoted every moment to his children and showed them how loved they were daily.

During Trevor’s battle with cancer, he vowed to share his story with the world and spread awareness for firefighter cancer. He created a TikTok, where he gained 250,000 followers from all ages and walks of life. He received many messages about how watching his battle gave others strength to keep fighting their daily battles as well. He inspired many and continues to do so through his videos.

Trevor valued time above everything, because when you get a diagnosis like his, everything gets put into perspective. He spent his time with his family and showed those who he loved how important they were to him. If Trevor were here and could give a message, I am sure he’d say, “Never take time for granted, make sure those you love feel valued daily, and nothing is more special than family.”

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  1. Miss you, Brother. See you soon on the other side!

    – Ian Garth Dial
  2. Miss you, Brother. See you soon on the other side!

    – Garth Dial