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May 4-5, 2024
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Age: 21
Year of Death: 2008

Tyler H. Casey

Tyler Casey was born August 19‚ 1986‚ in Joplin‚ Missouri. Following in his stepfather’s footsteps‚ Tyler became a volunteer firefighter and trained storm spotter with the Seneca Area Fire Protection District. He served with the department for four years. With a growing passion for the fire service‚ Tyler enrolled in Fire 1 and 2 and EMT classes and was looking forward to getting on with one of the local career departments. With the eagerness to learn and his strong accountability‚ Tyler became a well respected firefighter‚ not only in his own department‚ but throughout the surrounding area departments as well.

Another passion of Tyler’s‚ was being a father to his three-year-old daughter. He loved spending every spare moment with her and watching her grow up before his eyes. Being brought up in a large family‚ Tyler hoped to give his daughter the same family atmosphere he had as a child.

On the evening of Saturday May 10‚ 2008‚ a county-wide call went out for storm spotters to mobilize for severe weather and possible tornados. With his training and knowledge‚ Tyler jumped into action and headed to one of the fire district’s designated spotting areas. While at the intersection of Highway 43 and Iris Road in Newton County‚ Missouri‚ he left his vehicle to alert a family that was parked on the side of the road watching the weather condition. At this exact time‚ an EF-4 tornado was heading straight for them. The family managed to escape‚ but Tyler was caught in the path of the oncoming tornado as it struck. He sustained serious injuries and was transported to Joplin’s Freeman West Hospital‚ where he was admitted and placed on life support. On Monday‚ May 12‚ 2008‚ at 1:35 p.m.‚ Tyler was removed from life support. A total of 14 people were killed by the tornado‚ with 200 injuries‚ including 90 people sent to the hospital.

Fellow firefighters remembered Tyler as very determined. Even before his initial probation period ended‚ he was helping teach the newer firefighters what he had just learned. After his death‚ Missouri’s Governor Matt Blunt issued a proclamation declaring May 17‚ 2008‚ Tyler Heath Casey Day.

Tyler was survived by his daughter‚ Taryn; his mother and stepmother‚ Rayma and Kyle Hinz; his father and stepmother‚ Jerry and Jackie Casey; five brothers; and one sister.

He was a good guy and a great firefighter. He was the littlest guy in our department‚ but he had the biggest heart. Even though he was soft spoken‚ his actions spoke loud and clear.

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  1. On the 10 aniverysy of that day. You are still remberd buy all those you touched. I only wish you could have seen your son. He reminds me so much of you. And looks just like you. Will all be together again some day. Your mom and I miss you so much. Kyle

    – Kyle hinz
  2. For the Casey and Hintz,family I am a 14 year Veteran of a Washington State Fire Disc’t.I am also a 21 year Military Veteran.I will keep Casey in my thoughts and Hearts,as well as your families and of the Seneca Fire District’s.Thankyou for all your Volunteer Services too you and too Casey’s daughter,and wife.Respectively yours Larry J. Kocha. I come to Mo. alot as a O.T.R. Driver.

  3. Remembering you today! Much love to my family

    – Keely Boman
  4. Remembering Tyler Casey. Father, son, firefighter. Rest well – we’ve got it from here.

    – Mark Bulla
  5. I miss you so much brother. I still see your smiling face. love you bud.

    – Timothy Jeffers
  6. 12 years ago today… Hard to believe it’s been that long… I was there when you were born…. Everyone loves and misses you so much Tyler…..

    – Sabra Coyle
  7. It’s been 12 years… Hard to believe some times. I was there when you were born… Your families will love you and miss you until we all get to see you again Tyler.

    – Sabra Coyle