Roll of Honor

Walter G. Morrison

Walter G. Morrison

  • Fire Coordinator/Civil Defense Director
  • Otsego County Emergency Services
  • New York
  • Age: 46
  • Year of Death: 1981

Walter G. Morrison‚ 46‚ Fire Coordinator/Civil Defense Director with Otsego County Emergency Services‚ died on July 18‚ 1981‚ from a heart attack at a barn fire. Morrison was past Chief of the Fly Creek Fire Department‚ a member of the Board of Directors of the Central New York Fireman’s Association‚ and a former Secretary of State Fire Service Council.

His dedication and devotion was extraordinary and his accomplishments immense. He was the loving father of four.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Missed and loved. You will not be forgotten.

    – Gregory Morrison
  2. A true leader and visionary in the fire service… I am honored to have known him and followed through on several of his personal professional projects.

    – Robert Barnes
  3. Love you!!

    – Gretchen Morrison
  4. A mentor and example to anyone pursuing or interested in the Fire Service and all Emergency Services. He gave his life furthering his vision to enhance Emergency Services while sacrificing himself. He inspired many. I was one. Almost every day at an office he envisioned I heard his voice. I attempted to apply that to the given situation, whatever that may be. A True Chief’s Chief!

    – Butch Jones