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Age: 72
Year of Death: 2004

William Bierbower

Submitted by his daughter

He was born February 1 1932‚ William Edward Bierbower‚ everyone called him Bill…

Bill was a good man‚ he was well known everywhere he went‚ and everyone loved him. I have never met a single person that had anything but good things to say about him. Bill was the kind of man that would give you the shirt off his back‚ he would do anything he could to help someone in need. He played an important role in his family‚ his church‚ and his community. He dedicated more than half of his life to helping others. Bill was a former volunteer for Rescue 8‚ he was a volunteer fireman‚ and he was a member of the Westmoreland County‚ Western Pennsylvania‚ and Pennsylvania State Fireman’s Association.

Bill volunteered for the Fairmont-Hahntown Volunteer Fire Company for 45 years‚ he served in several line officer positions before becoming a life member‚ and he received the ‘Most Calls’ award several times. He has seen junior firemen turn into Assistant Chiefs. The other firemen saw him as a role model‚ a teacher‚ and a friend. They knew they could always count on Bill‚ whether it was for advice‚ encouragement‚ a ride to the firehall or just his silly grin that let them know that everything was going to be OK. Bill was known as the firehall prankster‚ always making people laugh‚ and he used that laughter to help others relax and do the job that needed to be done.

Bill loved being a fireman‚ and he saw many different types of emergencies through the years‚ and no matter what type of call‚ he was always ready‚ if his minitor went off‚ away he went‚ putting his own life on hold to help someone else‚ and on October 15‚ 2004‚ it wasn’t any different‚ the whistle blew and off he went‚ saying ‘I’ll be right back’ as he walked out of the door for the last time.

That night before Bill could pull the fire truck out of the garage‚ they were cancelled‚ and moments later while he was talking with the other firemen‚ he collapsed‚ and suddenly his fellow fireman went from trying to assist another station‚ to trying to save one of their own.

Bill was an excellent fireman‚ he always remained calm and did what needed to be done‚ and he loved driving those fire trucks‚ but Bill was more than a fireman‚ for 50 years almost 51 ‚ he was a loving husband to Joan Bierbower. Bill and Joan got married when he was twenty one and she was seventeen‚ and they were always together‚ two peas in a pod‚ they were the couple that other couples admired‚ because after all those years they were still so much in love. For almost as many years he was a father‚ Bill and Joan had six children‚ two boys‚ and four girls‚ William II‚ Dennis and Debra (twins)‚ Korin and Karen (twins)‚ and Rebecca. Bill was the heart of his family‚ he was strong and caring‚ patient and kind‚ and he was so much fun‚ always smiling‚ always joking‚ and together with his wife they created a home filled with love and laughter and many happy memories that will never be forgotten. Bill later bacame known by another name‚ and that was Pappy‚ he had twenty grandchildren and three great grandchildren‚ and he was loved by every one of them.

Bill worked hard for everything he had‚ he retired with 42 years at the former West Penn Power Company. Bill loved life‚ and he enjoyed every minute of it‚ some of his favorite things were spending time with his family‚ taking long rides (and getting lost)‚ reading the newspaper with a good cup of coffee‚ washing his car‚ mowing his lawn and watching his favorite football team‚ the Cleveland Browns on TV. Bill also loved the Lord‚ and he spent many Sundays praising Him and thanking Him for the gifts in his life‚ and Bill knew without a doubt that one day they would meet in Heaven‚ and that day came October 15‚ 2004. For those of us he left behind‚ it was way too soon‚ but he will remain forever in our hearts and a part of him lives on in each of us.

Bill always said ‘I’m gonna live to be 100’‚ and everyone believed him‚ he was only 72 when God whispered his name.

I also praise the Lord and I thank Him for one of the greatest gifts He gave to me‚ my Hero…my Dad.

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  1. I love you Dad and I miss you so much.

    – Rebecca
  2. I love you Dad. You will remain forever in our hearts. Thanks for your gift of laughter.

    – Karen
  3. It has already been 18 months since you left us. Everyday…something reminds me of you. You were such a special man. You will remain a part of me always. I love you Dad, and I miss you so much.

    – Karen
  4. Pappy, Its been 2 years and I still hear jokes and wish that i could tell you them and see you smile again. I miss you Pappy…everyday! I know I’ll see you someday in Heaven! I love you 🙂

    – Amy
  5. Dad, I am thinking about and missing you so much today. It soon will be what would have been your 75th birthday! Oh how we all wish we could celebrate with you. But you are at the best birthday party ever!!! We all hope to join you someday. I love you Dad. I miss you so much! Always. :}

    – Karen
  6. Dad, We will soon be traveling to Emmitsburg to honor your fallen brothers. We are looking forward to seeing your memory brick. We miss you so much! I love you Dad!

    – Karen
  7. I was so sorry to hear about your Father, he was always a favorate uncle of mine. He was always so funny and nice. It has been so many years since I’ve seen you all what a shame we can’t all get together again! Again I am so sorry for your loss. Much love, Bonnie

    – Bonnie (McChesney) Costantino