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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 62
Year of Death: 2005

William C. Bostian

Submitted by his children

Age: 62Vice President of Monroe County Fire Association
Vice President of West Webster Fire Department
Lieutenant of West Webster Fire Department Fire Police
Special Police for Webster Police Department
Awards: 2005 Fireman of the Year

William Bostian devoted his life to his family‚ the West Webster Fire Department and to his community. As a teen‚ Bill worked on the Welsher Fruit Farm where he met Linda Welsher. Bill and Linda were married September 7‚ 1963‚ and they were together until Linda’s passing in 1992. Bill and Linda settled in West Webster‚ where they raised their four children – Pam‚ Gary‚ Tom & Kevin. To his children he was ‘Dad‚’ and his children remember fondly how they could always count on him. No favor was too big. His children recall that he was always there when we needed him‚ right up until the end. He was more than ‘Dad’‚ he was our friend. When the four of us were growing up‚ he was always there for the other kids in the neighborhood as well. They all referred to him as Mr. B. He was always involved either as a scout leader‚ baseball coach‚ or a medic for Pop Warner Football.

He had a big heart‚ and a very generous nature‚ always putting others before himself. If anyone ever needed a place to stay‚ he would always make room for them and make them feel like a part of the family. He had a great sense of humor‚ and could always take a joke about himself by laughing right along with the joke.

He was a devoted son‚ committing to bringing his mother up from Florida after a mild stroke and taking care of her. He breakfasted every morning with his close circle of friends‚ but if a new guy wanted to go he welcomed them with open arms.

Bill was also extremely passionate about helping others in his community. He joined West Webster Fire Department in 1977‚ and quickly rose through the ranks to Captain. He was also an EMT and would jump on the ambulance whenever he could. After going social for a few years one would still see him up at the firehouse helping out and doing whatever he could. When he went active again in the late 90’s‚ he joined the Fire Police‚ rising to the rank of lieutenant. His fellow firemen remember how they could count on Bill‚ how he always had their back. He would have his truck across the road with every rotating and blinking light imaginable on‚ protecting ‘US.’ Bill also became Vice President of the Association‚ and was looking forward to becoming President in January. He was proud of his position and the good that he was doing. He was also proud of the Organization and its people.

He was also Vice President for the Monroe County Volunteer Fireman’s Association. His fellow firemen would always joke with him about his green jacket and asked if he won the Masters Tournament. They remember the joke never got old‚ and he laughed right along with them. He had a great sense of humor‚ they recall. A long time friend and fellow fireman remembers how Bill was an old time firefighter. He gave his all to everything he did. As a member of the special police‚ he was all over town protecting the residents when not on call for the fire department – he liked helping people.

He was very humble‚ never bragged. It was only in his passing that my brothers and I learned of ALL he did‚ says his daughter.

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  1. Bill Bostian was my uncle. I remember growing up we would go have bbq and swimming parties. He always made me laugh and feel loved. He was a great man!
    I loved him very much!

    – Shelley Parks