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Age: 48
Year of Death: 2001

William S. O’Keefe

William O’Keefe‚ 48‚ captain‚ FDNY‚ Division 15. A lifelong resident of Staten Island‚ O’Keefe had a bachelor’s degree from the former Richmond College. The 22-year veteran had been promoted to captain in May 2001. O’Keefe passed on his passion for running to both of his children and regularly attended their track meets. O’Keefe played the guitar‚ loved his two beagles‚ and vacationed every year at the shore.

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  1. I had the privilege of carrying William’s name up 110 floors at the Wichita Ks Memorial Stair climb on 9/10/2016. Peace to his family and please know that we have not forgotten.

    – Ben Jones
  2. I’ve worn William’s name for the past two years at the Red Rocks 9/11 Stair Climb in Morrison, CO, and I include him in my prayers as we walk the nine rounds of stairs in this beautiful setting that I am sure he would have loved to run! O’Keefe is my maiden name, so I felt it was my responsibility to walk in William’s memory. I do hope his children and family are doing well, and that he & the many kind souls we lost on that horrific day will never be forgotten. Sincerely, Diane Lopez

    – Diane Lopez
  3. Today I walked in honor of Captain O’Keefe in Rochester, N.Y. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I plan on writing a paper about Captain O’Keefe for my class next week.

    – Grace Miller
  4. On September 8, 2017 I climbed in memory of William in the CNY Stairclimb in Utica, NY. It was an honor and privilege to bring light to his name and the sacrifice he made for his fellow man. He will always be an inspiration to me as a fireman, and man. He is a hero and will never be forgotten.

    – Brian Fontaine
  5. Today I was honored and privileged to wear the name tag of Capt William O’Keefe as I ran/walked 110 stories in Cumming,GA. When I returned home I just had to google the name given to me. How fitting that I was given the name of an avid runner and dog lover. I too am the same. Much love to his beautiful family, they will forever be in my prayers.

    – Margaret Pepe
  6. I participated in the Pierce MFG memorial climb at Lambeau Field today. It was a privilege to do this in honor of Captain O’Keefe and the sacrifice he made doing a job we all love.

    – Matthew Richter
  7. Today I climbed and rang the bell in honor of William O’Keefe – 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb St. Louis, MO. Prayer for his family. 9/8/19

    – Shawnee Sherrill
  8. Ran a 5k in Captain O’Keefe’s honor.

    – Ryan LaPadula
  9. I had the privilege of walking with William S. O’Keefe during the Memorial Climb in Bismarck, ND. Having him with me made the climb that more memorable. I hope his family is doing well, and can see that he is still making a difference to this day. His sacrifice won’t be forgotten.

    – Bruce Wahlman
  10. Do you remember when Dog Tags with fallen Firefighters were for sale to raise money for the families after 9/11? Does anybody still have theirs? I have had Capt William O’Keefe’s with me ever since..
    I will NEVER FORGET!

    – Deb Kendall
  11. I have the pleasure of running the Tunnel To Towers run on Nov. 2, 2019 in Clearwater, FL in honor of Capt. William O’Keefe. I look forward to this run every year. We will never forget your sacrifice and the sacrifice of the other 342.

    – Shay S.
  12. Rest peacefully in the comfort of God’s love. We will never forget.

    – Kenneth Goodwin
  13. Reading these beautiful posts brings tears to my eyes. Billy was an amazing man and we hold his memory near and dear. It’s so touching to see his memory being honored by so many people, thank you all for your kind words.
    Never forget….

    – Patricia O’Keefe
  14. Some years ago while visiting NYC I went to visit the Memorial. One of the first names I saw chiseled into the surround was that of William O’Keefe. It sent a shiver down my spine and whenever 9/11 comes around I think of that brave man who shares my name and remember his family.
    Codladh Sámh Liam O’Caoimh – sleep well William O’Keefe

    – William O'Keeffe
  15. I bought a memorial bracelet 20 years ago. I have prayed for his family and always took a moement to pray for him him on this horrific day.

    – Kimberly
  16. I am humbled and proud. Honored to carry this badge today- 9/11/2021- to remember every person, every sacrifice. Today I honor Captain William S. O’ Keefe, Engine 154 in the town of Bishop, CA.
    I will never forget

    – Katie Dease
  17. I’m on holiday from the UK & I came to visit the 911 memorial recently and I picked a random firefighter to find out more about them, William was that random firefighter. Such a sad loss not just William but all those lost on 9/11

    – Ian Ross
  18. Today Sept 10, 2022 . I carried William with me over my heart in the Memorial Stair Climb in Charlotte NC. Thank you William for your sacrifice. My heart goes out to your family.

    – Karen Weikle
  19. I had the honor of climbing in remembrance of Captain William O’Keefe at the Lambeau Field Stair Climb. It was a privilege to climb with him on my heart and tagged to my shirt. Capt O’Keefe will never be forgotten. His bravery and courage will live on ❤️

    – Melissa Scott
  20. Today I had the honor and privilege to carry Captain O’Keefe’s name with me today as I climbed 110 stories to honor our fallen brothers
    Battalion Chief Jim Einspahr

    – Jim Einspahr
  21. I carried Captain O’Keefe’s name tag on the stair climb in Nashville on 9/8/23. It was and honor and privilege. I pray we never forget 9/11/01.

    – Clint Cochran
  22. I know his nephew Sam and have heard all about him and Patrick J. O’Keefe. I never got the chance to meet you guys, but I know you are well loved by many. Every time I go to the 9/11 memorial museum I look for your names and photos on the wall because I feel like I’ve known you. I have the privilege to know you thought your nephew and I told him if he ever wants to go down to see you guys I’ll be their for him always and forever. I think about your family and what they must have went though and I pray for them everyday. I know you guys are in a better place and are happily looking down on your family and friends and making sure they are ok.

    – K
  23. I have the privilege of having Williams name this year at our local stair climb. I am unable to actually climb as I have Multiple Sclerosis, but I walk as far as I can in his honor.

    – Shelley