Bruce Hemenway Young

Bruce Hemenway Young

Submitted by his wife

A few thoughts about my husband‚ Firefighter Bruce Hemenway Young. At age 60‚ he was a 37-year member of the Middlebury‚ Vermont Fire Department. It meant everything to him. I never saw him hesitiate once. When the fire alarm went off‚ he was gone in a flash. On winter nights‚ he would lay out his long-johns and warm clothes to be ready–just in case.

Bruce was also a nine-year veteran of the Middlebury Rescue Squad‚ a lifelong member of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Vermont‚ and on the Mary Force Scholarship Committee.

Bruce loved people–he could talk to anyone about anything. Anytime we took a ride‚ he wouled always wave to anyone with a firefigher’s light or emblem. I would ask if he knew them and he would say: ‘It doesn’t matter. We’re like one big family.’

He loved to do all sorts of things–traveling‚ boating‚ music and concerts‚ the theatre‚ fishing and skiing with his grandson. Every Saturday morning though‚ he was over at the firehouse‚ first washing and then polishing the ladder truck. He was so proud–it was his baby. Then he would drive it around town to ‘make sure everything was in perfect working order.’

He loved his family so much. He was always telling someone what his children were up to‚ about the newest grandchild‚ or maybe what his parents were doing. He loved the comraderie of his four brothers–Robert‚ Roger‚ Peter‚ and Mark. They have become closer than ever since the loss of Bruce.

I try to go with dignity and pride in all that I do‚ as he would have expected of me. One of the things I miss the most is his smile–it lit up his face‚ and his presence filled a room.

I learned a lot from Bruce. He always said: ‘Even if you’re having a bad day‚ put a smile on your face and pretend it’s a good one–pretty soon it’ll be real. ‘

Submitted by his son

I write this as a tribute to both my father ‚ and all the men and women that take time out of their lives to help others at a moments notice.

My father loved the community of Middlebury. Firefighting was one way that he and my mother Roz related to others in the area.

I have fond memories of hanging around the firehouse with my dad‚ and my Uncle Roger. They along with others‚ such as the late Don Keeler‚ and more people than I could write showed me how much kindness they showed to people that had at times lost it all.

My father was and still is one of those very special people that touched others‚ and who would go out of his way to help others.

To all the other firefighters and especially to all the firefighters in the Addison County area‚ let me say thank you for all your kindness during my dad’s memorial service.

Charles A. Zachary

Charles A. Zachary

Submitted by his wife

Chuck Zachary was a tough firefighter. He rode as Pvt. out of station 31’s on E31. Chuck or ‘Zach’ as most of the guys called him died June 16th‚ 2003 while responding to the Family Dollar Father’s Day fire in Memphis.

Chuck had been with the department for 19 years. He loved God‚ his job and his family as well as his little pug dog‚ Misty. Wherever he was‚ she was.

Chuck will always be remembered by the pranks he loved playing on fellow firefighters at the engine house. The classic one being the kool-aid in a fellow firefighters’ turnout boots. Of course‚ after they made a fire and got back to the engine house the firefighter was astonished how red his feet were. Anyway‚ that poor guys feet stayed red for about 3 weeks!

He had a few friends he adored. One being fellow FF Lt. Mike Shelton with whom he loved playing golf with. Neither one of them was very good at it‚ but they enjoyed the friendship they shared. Also Chief Fred Steward‚ whom he loved playing hand ball with and cooking rice krispie treats for. I could go on and on about special friends of his. If you were a true friend of his‚ you knew it.

Chuck played football in high school for Millington Central as a tight end. A couple of his proud moments was he helped his team win the Civitan Bowl his senior year‚ 1981. He was really proud when he graduated from Marine Corp. bootcamp and finished out his time in the Tennessee National Guard.

Chuck and his wife Frances were married for 13 years. We didn’t have just a marriage‚ we were best friends as well. He talked me into start fishing with him ‚ which was fine but actually we just enjoyed spending time together. He also loved deer hunting. (I refused to get out in the cold and climb a tree.) His 9 point buck still hangs on the wall along side his stepson’s 8 point. He loved my children from a previous marriage; Sabrina age 26 and DJ age 23 just like they were his own. I could not have found a better man to help guide and teach my children about life. He is also survived by his father; Everett; retired Lt. from the Memphis Fire dept.‚ mother Nancy both of Ripley‚ Tn. brother Bill and his wife Tiffany ‚ of Olive Branch‚ Ms. and lots of nieces and nephews.

Chuck will always be missed and remembered by his friends and family and forever in all of our hearts.

Harry Zilkan

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Randy Neal Jones

Randy Neal Jones

Submitted by his mother

Randy was the light of my life as he was a wonderful brother and uncle. He would have been a wonderful dad had he got the chance. I don’t think he ever met a stranger. He died July 28‚ 2003 while responding to a fire call. He is missed dearly‚ but his memory will live on forever.

Randy was just 23 years old‚ but he made a great name for himself. He was always helping someone. He loved being in the fire department and rescue squad. All his extra time was either at the fire department or the rescue squad‚ instead of being out riding around or just hanging out like most teenagers. He did hang out with his friends‚ he just got a lot of them into either the fire department or rescue squad. I often wondered how he had time to do both departments and do them 100 percent. I guess when you loved it like Randy you just found the time and energy to do both.

He always said‚ Mom I want to be a fireman or a State Trooper. He would always like to watch the fire trucks with the lights on when they would pass by the house. He would go with his dad some when he was in the rescue squad in Virginia. He was in the process of trying to get into trooper school. I was always worried about him becoming a state trooper because of how things and people were and to be really careful. I know how dangerous it is to be a fireman‚ but never thought of him being taken away so young.

Randy joined the Rescue Squad Explorer Post at age 14. At the age of 17‚ he joined as a Senior Trainer and he was Squadsman of the year in 2000 and 2003. Randy was a Lieutenant with Cool Springs Fire Department and a Captain with the Iredell County Rescue Squad. He joined the Cool Springs Fire Department on May 26‚ 1997 as one of the first members of the Junior Firefighter Program. Jones had helped start the Cool Springs Medical Response Program and went to 90 % of the calls. He would sneak out of school to run rescue calls and Bill Sherrill had to call the principal. He has always loved helping people. He got the nickname ‘Rescue Randy’ because they said he was always trying to rescue everyone he could.

When the squad got its first defibrillators‚ ‘Jones was the first person that came into my mind to give one too’‚ said Bill Sherrill. They would get a call no matter what time of day or night and Jones would always be there‚ usually one of the first ones there.

On April 28‚ 1998 Wilson Security gave Randy a commendation for assisting with extinguishing a car on fire at North Iredell High School.

Randy was promoted to the position of Lieutenant in May 2002‚ He had joined the Rescue Squad at age 14‚ as a junior member‚ and had 8 years of service. He was one of the key members of Cool Springs Medical Response Program‚ and was a valuable member of both departments. They will both miss him a lot. Both departments were like family to him too. He always said he had 3 families.

An endowment fund for a scholarship in honoring Cool Springs firefighter Randy Neal Jones has been established‚ this is a good way to remember Randy. The Iredell County Rescue Squad has the Randy Jones Memorial Award which will be presented annually to individuals who go above and beyond the line of duty‚ the way Randy always did. The Squad also put Randy’s number 1117 on the new crash truck and a plaque remembering Randy is also on the truck. They said this way Randy will still be able to run calls with them.

Randy was always giving blood every time he could try to help someone. He was also a donor on his license. So even though we lost him‚ he still got to help two people that could not see‚ but now can thanks to his beautiful eyes that we donated for him. The guys at the fire department said that someone has the twinkle in there eyes now.

Randy was a member of Fallstown Baptist Church. Randy is survived by his mother Pat Pendleton of Statesville‚ father David Jones of Virginia. He also has an older sister Tiffany Jones of Statesville‚ a twin sister Brandy Jones of Statesville‚ and a younger brother Scott Jones of Statesville. He also has 2 nieces Courtney Jones and Jordan Jones of Statesville and a new nephew Riley Neal which he never got a chance to be a wonderful uncle to. He was named after Randy and we will be sure to fill him in on how great an uncle Randy was.

Martin H. ‘Marty’ McNamara V

Martin H. 'Marty' McNamara V

Submitted by his wife

Martin H. McNamara V was just one of the guys. He was a guy who loved his family‚ firefighting‚ and life in general. He was a guy who will live on in our memory…. a guy who will never be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to know him.

Marty began pursuing his long-time dream of becoming a firefighter three years ago when he joined the Lancaster Fire Department as a call firefighter. He had originally planned on going into the profession right out of high school‚ but was talked out of it by family members. However‚ his need to serve his community in this noble profession never left his mind and three years ago he began working hard to juggle his job as a drill-rig operator‚ his family‚ and the study of fire science. He enjoyed every minute of it.

Marty and I were high school sweethearts and spent 17 wonderful years with one another. Together we have three beautiful daughters… Molli‚ age 6‚ Elizabeth‚ age 3‚ and Baby Marty who was born just five days after her father’s untimely death. He was a devoted father and husband and took such pride in his family. Marty was the 5th in the line of the Martin McNamara family and looked forward to carrying the name on. We had always planned on having a fourth child to carry on his name. He was a loving son to his parents‚ Martin & Joanne‚ and a dedicated brother to his sisters and brothers-in law‚ Kristin & Dale DiMeco and Erin & Andy Mortimer.

In addition to a dedicated firefighter and loving family-man‚ Marty was a great friend. He had a close group of friends who shared a bond that began in grade school and lives on in memory. There is a saying around here….’Its not a party without Marty’ and it is so true. His zest for life and fun-loving way was unparalleled by anyone else. You always knew when Marty was in the room!

Although his time with all of us was cut short‚ his memory will be with us forever…

William F. Ramsey

William F. Ramsey

Submitted by his wife

William F. Ramsey was a family man‚ business man‚ friend to many and firefighter. On September 9‚ 2003‚ after responding to a fire call‚ Bill became ill and later that evening passed away. He is greatly missed by his devoted family and brother firefighters. Although Bill is no longer with us‚ his memory and the lessons he taught us will remain with us forever.

Bill was a four-year member of the Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department and at the time of his death‚ was serving as the department’s Financial Secretary. During his short tenure with the department‚ Bill touched every member in his own special way. Bill was wonderful at telling stories and he generally had 2 or 3 ready to be told‚ ready to bring laughter into our day. Bill was always ready to take on any project that would come his way. Bill was a great liaison between the fire department and the businesses and community we serve. Bill was also an active member of the Fayette County HAZMAT Team.

Bill’s service to his community did not stop with the Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department. He was the co-owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Connellsville‚ along with his mother Barbara Ramsey. He was also an active member of numerous fraternal organizations including King Solomon’s Lodge #346 F&AM‚ Uniontown Lodge of Perfection‚ Consistory Valley of Pittsburgh‚ Syria Shrine‚ Eastern Star and the Connellsville B.P.O.E. #503. Bill realized the importance of giving back to a community that had been so giving to him‚ and through his participation in these organizations was able to do so.

Bill was above all a family man. Bill was greatly devoted to his wife Rita and their young daughter Annabeth. He talked affectionately about Rita and Annabeth around the firehouse‚ and never missed an opportunity to include them in department functions. Rita is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department and she and Annabeth regularly attend company events.

To keep Bill’s memory alive‚ Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department has established the ‘William F. Ramsey Memorial Scholarship.’ This scholarship is presented annually to a graduating high school senior who will be furthering their education in the field of emergency services or nursing. This past June with great pride‚ the first scholarship was presented.

Bill never thought of himself as anything but the ‘common’ man doing what he believed he needed to do. He never wanted to be in the spotlight‚ he just wanted to ensure that things got completed and to revel in the enjoyment others received from it. Forever forward‚ Bill will be the spotlight of each and every member of the Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department‚ he has raised the bar of expectation for each of us. Bill will forever remain in the hearts and minds of those who knew and served with him.

Isaac D. Tshudy

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Kenneth J. Jutte

Kenneth J. Jutte

Submitted by his wife

Ken Jutte was a wonderful man who lived life to the fullest. He wanted to do it all and always gave 100%. Nothing was half done. Ken was dedicated to myself‚ Marty‚ and his three children: Kyle 18‚ Kari 17‚ and Corey 13.

Ken‚ age 44‚ was a member of the New Bremen Volunteer Fire Department for 19 years. He died October 1‚ 2003‚ responding to a call for mutual aid by the neighboring town of New Knoxville to fight a silo fire at the Hoge Lumber Company. Three men‚ one being Ken‚ were on top of the silo when it exploded and all three men were thrown to the ground. Ken died instantly‚ one died at the hospital and the other survived‚ having landed in a trash dumpster. Our town and surrounding towns were devastated.

Ken was a dedicated firefighter‚ and an energetic‚ knowledgeable leader who served as an officer for 5 years. Ken was also involved with the Rope Rescue Team and Hazmat Team‚ and served for 1 _ years on the Rescue Squad because there were not enough volunteers. Ken always enjoyed serving the public. He volunteered at Holy Redeemer Church as a Eucharistic minister and was on the church council.

Ken loved being involved with the kids. At the yearly fireman’s picnic he enjoyed taking charge of the kids’ water-ball tournament. He also coached kids’ soccer‚ girls’ softball‚ and boys’ baseball teams for many years. If he wasn’t coaching he would be volunteering. Ken could never just sit idle‚ he always wanted to be involved.

Ken never ran out of energy (just like his youngest son‚ Corey). He could function on five hours of sleep‚ getting up at 5:00 each and every morning to go to the YMCA to run for an hour‚ exercise for an hour‚ and then off to work he would go. He would greet everyone with a smile and a ‘hello.’ Ken was always a very positive person with more energy than anyone I have ever known.

Ken was such a proud father‚ always having stories to tell of our kids’ accomplishments or the goofy things they may have done or tried to do. I can’t tell you how deeply Ken‚ husband‚ father‚ son‚ brother and uncle is missed‚ but I plan to do all the right things so I can be with him again someday. It gives me comfort to know Ken is very happy in heaven with our oldest son Brent who died when he was 8 days old. I feel certain the two of them are watching over us.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you about my husband who will forever be remembered by so many.

Wayne W. Mickle

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Mark Robert Ransdell

Mark Robert Ransdell

Submitted by his parents

Mark was a very energetic kid who liked to be outside working and playing. He tried a variety of jobs‚ but finally found his niche with the wildland firefighting. He liked the hard work and traveling to different places. Every time he came home he had stories to tell…after he had a shower and eight hours of sleep. He really appreciated his bed after being on the ground for a couple of weeks. He would bring a variety of t-shirts home from the various fires to show and tell us about. And after all the complaining about the food and/or conditions he just left‚ he would then proceed to start getting his gear ready for the next fire call.

Mark was born in Oregon on January 29‚ 1980. He lived his entire life in our small community of Myrtle Creek. As parents we were encouraging him to ‘get on with his life’ and he was starting to show more signs in that direction. He found a very nice girlfriend who was also a firefighter and she even skateboarded. He was happy!

This year‚ 2003‚ was Mark’s third year of fire fighting with First Strike Environmental of Roseburg‚ Oregon. He enjoyed the camaraderie among the guys and was having a good year with more responsibility by being a squad leader. One day‚ very pleased with himself‚ Mark told me he had a radio and could tell others what to do. Later we heard from his supervisors that he was doing a good job and watched out for his men. At one site‚ he was upset because other trucks were going too fast and throwing dust on his guys who were packing hoses. He personally dug a little trench (speed-bump) across the road and covered it with branches and waited for the next truck to come by. They all had a good laugh over that one. I think there are a great many Mark stories and I’ve only heard a few.

He spent time in Colorado in the summer of 2002 and also took part in the space shuttle recovery program in Texas. Every place he went seemed to widen his view. One day he was watching the travel channel and they were featuring the best resorts. He calls me over to tell me he had been to the one they were talking about. He said it was in Colorado and they got to go in there and eat ‘fire clothes and all.’ It impressed him when people showed appreciation of the firefighters. I told him they probably wouldn’t let him back in with his street clothes…Mark liked plaid cowboy shirts and well-worn loose jeans.

Mark was a hard worker who like to play hard‚ too. He enjoyed snowboarding‚ bicycling‚ rock climbing and his music. However‚ he spent most of his home time at the skateboard park and was always telling about the new moves and jumps he was practicing. He told me once that he had a lot of friends at the skate park‚ but it really didn’t become apparent until his friends held a memorial for him and Jesse (another firefighter lost in this crash). They also had a lot of stories to tell.

Mark and seven of his fellow firefighters perished in a fiery crash when the van they were in collided with a semi-truck on August 24‚ 2003‚ near Vale‚ Oregon. They were returning home from firefighting in Boise National Forest in Idaho. It has been a very difficult time for all of us.

A very impressive memorial service was held September 5 for our eight fallen firefighters. Each was honored and will be remembered for who he was. It was a great tribute to the firefighting community and to our son. Mark is loved and missed by us his parents‚ family and friends. He is‚ especially‚ missed by his sister‚ Kimberly. His beloved brother Michael (age 18) died in a traffic accident in 1994.