Memorial Monday

Benton Harbor, MI: The Yore Opera House Fire

– The twelve Michigan firefighters died as a result of the Yore Opera House fire on September 6, 1896. READ

Uniformed Peer Support Programs

NFFF IC-to-IC Discussion – Lexington Vehicle Accident (SC)

– This discussion features Fire Chief Mark Davis, of the Lexington County Fire Service (SC), who recalls a vehicle accident that resulted in the line-of-duty death of Firefighter Paul Edwin Quattlebaum Jr. on October 4, 2019. » Watch the Webinar READ

Uniformed Peer Support Programs

NFFF IC-to-IC Discussion – Coal Canyon Wildfire (SD)

– This discussion features Assistant Fire Management Officer Steve Esser of the South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division who recalls a wildland fire that resulted in the line-of-duty death of Firefighter Trampus S. Haskvitz on August 11, 2011. He will share his experiences in dealing with the aftermath. » Watch the Webinar READ

Laconia Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters

Lighting the Night in Laconia, NH: Remembering Lt. Mark Miller

– Inspired by Gayle’s grassroots efforts, participants in beautiful Laconia and surrounding towns have chosen a variety of creative lighting options. Their stunning red displays range from simple to stunning, and can inspire other communities, too. READ

2022 Kids Camp

Kids Camp Attendees Treated to Mountaintop Adventure

– Kids Camp gives grieving children a chance to “just be children.” For children who experience the loss of a primary loved one, dealing with grief can be a monumental challenge. When that loved one was a firefighter who sacrificed his/her life in the line of duty, those affected share a unique bond. Combining traditional camp fun with therapeutic benefits, Kids Camp gives them the added strength to meet that challenge together. READ

Memorial Monday

Austin, Texas: The Kreisle Building Fire and Firefighter Glass

– The Austin Fire Department's first line-of-duty death occurred on August 17, 1917, over a year after the Kreisle Building fire.  READ

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

NFFF Announces 4th Firefighter Life Safety Summit

– This important gathering builds on the advances from previous Life Safety Summits in Tampa (FL) and Truman Fire Forums (2019 and 2022) to move firefighter health and safety strategies forward. A keynote speaker for the event is Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, whose in-depth work on command decision-making revolutionized the British Fire Service’s approach to incident command.  READ

Public Safety Officer Support Act

NFFF and the Public Safety Officer Support Act (HR 6943)

– The legislation, which was signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022, makes significant changes to the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) program. Under the new law, “post-traumatic stress disorder, or trauma and stress related disorders… shall be presumed to constitute a personal injury within the meaning of…” the PSOB regulations.  READ

Memorial Monday

Chicago World’s Fair: Cold Storage Fire

– One of Chicago’s deadliest fires erupted in the Cold Storage Building at the World’s Fair on July 10, 1893, claiming the lives of thirteen firefighters and four civilians.  READ

988: The New Suicide Prevention Dialing Code

NFFF Spreads the Word About 988: The New Suicide Prevention Dialing Code

– Keeping firefighters safe is part of NFFF’s core mission. That’s why we urge all members of the fire service to be familiar with 988: our nation’s new three-digit dialing code to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. READ