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NFFF Scholarships

Alan P. Sondej Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient

Madison Manger

Major: Chemistry-Biochemistry
Academic Scholarship Years:
Daughter of
Madison Manger

This scholarship allows me to focus on my academics and other activities in the community without the added stress of taking on substantial financial debt to pay for school. I have received a scholarship from the Foundation for the past two years and it has been amazing.

My personal goals are to continue growing as a person, helping those around me, and working extremely hard in the numerous organizations I participate in. My educational goals are to get A’s in all of my courses to help accomplish my career goals. Those goals are to get into medical school after undergrad and become an oncologist. I would love to do this because I lost my mom in May 2017 to stage four lung, lymph, and bone cancer. Just five months later, my dad died in the line of duty. This means that my siblings and I have had to consistently balance responsibilities that many would not need to look at until their later years. However, I strive to not let it hold me back as my parents would want what’s best for me!

Currently, I work in the math and science department as a tutor for numerous subjects including chemistry, biology, statistics, psychology, anatomy and physiology. I also work in the biology department as a lab assistant. I serve as an event ambassador to welcome potential students and their families to campus. I work as a CNA in a local hospice center.

I am a member of the St. Kate’s Women’s basketball team, the Antonian Honors Program, and the Wildcat Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. I work toward representing the basketball team and updating them on interesting community events and opportunities. One event we love to do is get involved in fundraising and volunteering. Examples of this are attending the Feed My Starving Children as a team and encouraging athlete participation in the Polar Plunge to help Special Olympics, Minnesota.

Madison’s previous scholarships were made possible with support from the
Alan P. Sondej Memorial Scholarship Fund.

This Scholarship Made Possible With Support From