Scholarship Recipient

Mercedy Sayles

Mercedy Sayles

  • Scholarship Type: Senator Paul Sarbanes Scholarship
  • Major: Agricultural Operations
  • Academic Scholarship Years
    • 2020-2021
  • Daughter of John T. Sayles

Mercedy will be attending Westshore Community College to obtain her Associate degree in Agricultural Operations after graduation. Farming and raising livestock has always been a way of life for her and she plans to learn all she can to continue this way of life.

She has been involved with 4-H since September 2007 and shares that it has made a huge impact on life, especially the first summer after her dad died. Mercedy says 4-H helped her get through those tough days when she did not want to get out of bed. She was active with her high school basketball and varsity track teams. During the summer she works part-time and volunteers with the local food pantry.

Assistant Fire Chief Hasil states, “Life has not been easy for Mercedy between the untimely death of her father and a near-fatal car accident in 2018 but she perseveres ad continues to shine despite emotional pain.” Mercedy is described as humble, hard-working, kind, determined and thoughtful.

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