NFFF Scholarships

Kenneth M. Hedrick Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient

Richard Moorman

Major: Homeland Security Masters, Business Administration & Fire Technology
Academic Scholarship Years:
Son of
Richard Moorman

Richard shares that he was raised to always give back to his community even through difficult times. He has earned his associates in Fire Technology and is working to obtain his bachelor’s in business administration and Fire Technology along with a masters in Homeland Security.

Richard credits his NFFF scholarships as affording him time to focus on his mental and physical health by getting involved in a local recreation basketball team and working out in the gym. He has benefited by not having to incur significant student debt and by not having to work so he can focus on his academics which is challenging as a student with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Richard is said to be self-motivated, driven, and successful at anything that he achieves.

Diane Vigil, Family Support Group Coordinator for the LA Firemen’s Relief Association says, “Richard is driven to become a firefighter with the LA City Fire Department after obtaining a degree in Fire Technology, Business Administration, and a Masters in Homeland Security.”

Richard’s previous scholarships was made possible with support from
the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

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