Chad E. Wessels

Chad E. Wessels

Submitted by his wife

Chad E. Wessels‚ 31‚ was not only a loving husband‚ father and son‚ but a devoted firefighter and friend. Chad gave the ultimate sacrifice‚ on December 11‚ 2005‚ Chad died in the line of duty while responding to a structure fire.

Chad started his career in emergency services over 15 years ago as an explorer with the Palm Beach County Fire in Florida. He later joined the Army so he could give back even more to his country. It’s the military that moved Chad to central Texas. Chad may have been transplanted to Texas‚ but he called it home and wouldn’t ever leave. Chad devoted his life not only to his family‚ especially his pride and joy‚ his 7-month old daughter‚ Kaylee‚ but to firefighting and overall helping others. At the time of his death‚ Chad was a full-time firefighter for Fort Hood Fire Department‚ a part-time firefighter for the City of Marble Falls‚ and a Captain with the Briggs Volunteer Fire Department.

Chad did not need a title‚ nor recognition for anything that he did‚ he considered a handshake (he preferred hugs) and a thank you the best recognition ever. However‚ he had been recognized several times‚ he was awarded EMT of the Year in 1998‚ Civilian Firefighter of the Quarter in August of 2004‚ Emergency Service Person of the Year for 2004‚ and Firefighter of the Quarter Posthumously in January 2006.

When Chad joined the Briggs FD he wasn’t living in their jurisdiction yet so he would drive up to approximately 25 miles one way to help with ANY situation they had. He joined the department to help improve it‚ he had so many goals‚ many not accomplished yet. He then later moved to the small town with an eagerness never seen that community. Everyone was so excited to see someone so young wanting to help and getting involved with the community. He lived to help anyone in need‚ from stopping and helping someone change a flat tire‚ to building a haunted house and giving hay rides to the children of the community for Halloween. Even though Chad loved his volunteer department‚ part of his dreams were reached when he was selected to work for Fort Hood‚ Chad considered it an honor to be a firefighter on the military base.

Chad never met a stranger‚ and he called everyone he met a friend. Chad always had a smile for you and it could light up a room. Chad gave his life trying to help a neighbor whose house was on fire. The loss of this wonderful man has not only devastated his family‚ but has been deeply felt by thousands of lives he had touched. He has been and will be truly missed.

Chad was not only my husband‚ and friend‚ but also my HERO.