Garet G. Rasmussen

Garet G. Rasmussen

Garet was a firefighter’s firefighter. He was a leader‚ a mentor‚ and a friend to all. More importantly‚ he was a loving husband and caring father. Garet had two passions in life‚ the fire service and his family. He is survived by his wife‚ Allyson‚ and two children‚ Jostin and Jalyn.

Garet’s determination and will to succeed gained him tremendous respect from his fellow brothers at Chelan County Fire District #1 in Wenatchee‚ Washington. He proudly served for 15 years as a firefighter‚ lieutenant‚ captain and eventually battalion chief. He was a member of Local 3835.

Above all‚ Garet was a family man‚ a devoted father who participated fully in every aspect of his children’s lives. This devotion is best expressed in Garet’s own words. ñI play with fire for a living. Love my wife to eternity. I enjoy every moment raising my two beautiful children. My family is my world! I’m truly blessed!î

Garet’s enthusiasm about being a fireman could only be matched by the love he had for his family. He lived and breathed for his children. He also enjoyed the outdoors„camping‚ taking the kids hiking‚ having picnics‚ hunting‚ and fishing. He honed his skills with long-range sighting and target practice. He also loved playing basketball‚ working out at the gym‚ and watching UFC fights.

On June 12‚ 2011‚ at the age of 38‚ Battalion Chief Garet Rasmussen lost his life while serving his community and doing the job he loved so much.