Elmer Bell

Elmer  Bell

Submitted by his wife

Elmer Bell‚ 44‚ firefighter‚ Choctaw Fire Department‚ died January 17‚ 2002‚ after being flown January 15‚ 2002 to University Hospital. He was injured during a fireman’s drills climbing the ladder with weights as it would be to save someone. He suffered an intercranial hemorrhage which caused a massive stroke. He passed away doing what he loved. He was the first in his family to be a fireman and the family was very proud of him. He loved being able to help people. He also loved teaching the little children about fire safety and the excitement they had when they visited the fire station.

He also loved watching our children at different college events. He was very proud of them. His other hobbies were playing his guitar‚ fishing hunting and playing the traditional Choctaw game of stick ball. Also‚ working on cars was one of his hobbies.

Keith‚ Joseph‚ Lanisha and I miss him very much‚ but we’re thankful to God for the time we did have together. And for all the firemen who risk their lives to save others without any thought of themselves.