Kenneth W. Lipyance

Kenneth W. Lipyance

Submitted by his fianc_e

Kenneth W. Lipyance‚ 46 years young‚ and a volunteer firefighter for Churchill Volunteer Fire Company‚ died June 30‚ 2004. On June 23‚ 2004‚ Ken assisted with two calls where he stated that he was not feeling well‚ and while leaving for home he suffered a stroke.

Ken showed interest for firefighting as a child watching his Dad‚ a Greensburg volunteer firefighter. In February 1998 Ken joined Churchill VFC and soon served as their Treasurer and 2nd Lieutenant. Recognized as a very dedicated and intelligent member‚ Ken was elected to serve on the Civil Service Commission and as Churchill’s Emergency Management Services Coordinator.

Ken was a remarkable man and a child at heart. One of Ken’s favorite hobbies was collecting trains and toys and even had them displayed at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Greensburg. Ken especially enjoyed high school football‚ and of course the Pittsburgh Panthers and Steelers. It tickled my heart when Ken told me he wanted us to have a maid when we married so that we could spend more time outside and plant flowers and visit with our friends and families – enjoy life. He loved celebrating and decorating for every holiday – when you passed Ken’s house you always knew what holiday it was!!

Everyone that met Ken immediately liked him because he had a sense of humor that was magnetic‚ coupled with his wisdom‚ patience and tender heart.

God made us to serve and to love each other as thyself‚ and Ken certainly succeeded in both. Ken shared his tender heart and service with all of us: as a loving son and brother; while helping at church; as a dedicated volunteer firefighter‚ as a very intelligent assistant controller for Vesuvius/BMI Refractory – the great problem solver; as an exceptional Daddy to his special-need collies – Callie and Lizzie; as a friendly helpful neighbor; a loyal friend to many; and as a beloved fianc_ who died shortly before our September 2004 wedding. Ken was my friend and the love of my life. I can still hear him calling me his ‘future wife’ and writing it in cards and emails to me. We were equally excited in planning our wedding and marriage.

It’s the little things that made us happy‚ that helped make our love; and I dearly miss the little things: holding hands-from the beginning to the end; walking the track; shopping; dining & movies; visiting family and friends; talking about our day and his fire calls‚ drills‚ meetings and the newly renovated fire house.

The greatest gift God gives us is Love‚ and Ken and I had it – LOVE. My love continues to grow for Ken and he lives on in all our hearts. We are blessed with very loving and happy memories of Lt. Ken Liypance‚ my honey. ‘ha ha’

Ken is survived by his father‚ Eugene‚ of Greensburg‚ PA‚ and his brother‚ George‚ of Lakewood‚ CO‚ and precious Lizzie lives with me.