Roger M. Dunn

Roger M. Dunn‚ 48‚ Captain‚ Clute Volunteer Fire Department‚ died August 12‚ 2002‚ when he suffered a heart attack while assisting at the scene of a house fire. A lifelong resident of Clute‚ he served with the department for 16 years and often took new firefighters under his wing. His brother and late father were also members of the department. Dunn retired from Dow Chemical‚ where he worked as a firefighter for 23 years. Mikey volunteered for Clute for several years back in the 80’s before moving out of the town. He also worked for Dow Chemical Plant as a firefighter. Then‚ as soon as he could‚ he moved back to the Clute area and rejoined his family as volunteers for the small town of Clute‚ Texas.

Captain Dunn was a well-respected and well-loved person.

R. L. Walker Sr.

Submitted by his son

Mr. Walker served in the fire department so he could help others. He died of a heart attack while fighting a large fire. He was involved with the MDA. He enjoyed fishing. He helped to get a 1942 Seagrave fire truck.