Henry Lawrence ‘Hank’ Pitts Jr.

Henry Lawrence 'Hank' Pitts Jr.

Submitted by his Wife

My husband was a true hero‚ not only to the fire department‚ but to his family and friends.

Hank was 56 years old and was a lieutenant in the Douglas County Fire Department‚ where he had worked for 29 years. He was well respected by all his coworkers‚ and he respected them. Hank would never ask anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself. He was always the first to go out and get the job done. I don’t think there is one fireman that would say they were afraid to go into a fire with him. I remember when he first joined the department and how he loved it from the first day. He always said that it ‘just got in your blood.’ He never complained about going to work and would always say how wonderful it was to enjoy your job. Not many people could say that. Hank felt like the firemen in the department were his extended family.

He was the recipient of the Star of Life Award in 2002. This is an award given when a person is down‚ with no signs of life‚ and is resuscitated. In order to get the award‚ the person has to leave the hospital alive.

Hank was a very active member of the First United Methodist Church in Powder Springs‚ Georgia. He loved to travel with his family‚ and his favorite place to go was the beach. He played golf and enjoyed riding his bicycle.

Hank was a great husband‚ father‚ son and friend. You always knew where you stood with him. He was always the same‚ and if he was your friend‚ he was a true friend. He never took friendships lightly. His family meant everything to him. When he wasn’t at the fire department‚ he was with his family or friends. He never took life for granted.

Hank is survived by his wife‚ two children‚ six grandchildren (and one on the way)‚ and his parents.

I am sure that Hank is in a better place but‚ as his wife‚ I miss him so much. I have heard many times from several firemen that they lost not a coworker‚ but their best friend. He is missed by all.