Chet D. Bauermeister

Chet D. Bauermeister

Chet D. Bauermeister was born July 10‚ 1963‚ in Kennewick‚ Washington‚ to Donald D. Bauermeister and Lois Jeanne Schneider.

Chet lived his life in the Basin City‚ Washington‚ area and was very proud of that. He graduated from Connell High School in 1981. He was very active in sports‚ showing cattle and FFA all through his school years‚ and in 1984 he received his State Farmer and American Farmer certificates.

Chet was a big man‚ 6′ 3” 300+ pounds‚ with red hair‚ but he will be remembered for his big heart‚ quick smile‚ and kind words. He could walk into a room full of strangers and come out of a room full of friends. Chet had a way of making everyone feel like they were his best friend. He always had a story to tell and could cheer people up.

Chet wore a lot of hats. He was a great husband‚ father‚ friend‚ truck driver‚ welder‚ mechanic‚ fabricator‚ ambulance crew member‚ and chief of the volunteer fire department. He said having his own shop and being his own boss was the only job that would let him drop everything to go help someone. Chet was a community man. He loved his community‚ and his community loved him. Being a first responder and fire chief was his way of serving others. It didn’t matter what time it was or what he was doing‚ when the call came‚ he went. He truly was Ever Ready – Ever Willing. He used to say being fire chief of a volunteer department was ‘kinda like herding cats‚’ but it was what he loved.

Chet died on June 23‚ 2010‚ while fighting fire. He had modified a Sno-Cat into a ‘Fire Cat‚’ and it was his favorite toy. While going up a steep slope‚ the Fire Cat lost traction‚ rolled‚ and he died at the scene.

Chet is survived by his beloved wife Sandy; his kids‚ Amanda‚ Lester‚ Katelin and Josh; his two grandchildren; his father; siblings‚ Jed (Val)‚ Laurie‚ and Carrie (Layne); nieces and nephews. Last‚ but by no means least‚ his firemen of the Franklin County #4 Fire Department that he so dearly loved.

Chet’s motto for life: ‘Live your life so no one has to tell lies at your funeral.’

No lies‚ we love you and miss you.