Michael David Snowman

Michael David Snowman

Michael David Snowman
Hartland Volunteer Fire Department – Maine
Volunteer Firefighter
Date of Death: November 17‚ 2008
Age: 49

Michael David Snowman was born November 23‚ 1958‚ in Waterville‚ Maine. Mike’s heroic aspirations came to light when he was five years old. Confident of his Superman power to fly‚ he donned a cape and leaped out of his bedroom window. Gravity‚ the ground‚ and a broken leg proved only temporary interruptions!

Growing up in the small town of Detroit‚ Maine‚ Mike was well known and well liked by all as he enthusiastically joined the Boy Scouts‚ and played sports. In 1978‚ Mike graduated from high school and married his sweetheart‚ Laureen. In 1980‚ Mike helped start the first fire department in Detroit‚ Maine.

Mike’s love of country led him to join the Army in 1982. He and his young growing family served six years at posts in Oklahoma‚ Washington‚ Hawaii‚ and Kentucky. Always wanting to give his children the small town life he had loved‚ he decided in 1988 to bring them to Maine.

Settling in Hartland‚ Maine‚ with his wife and three children‚ Mike joined the Hartland Volunteer Fire Department and the First Baptist Church. At Hartland Baptist Church‚ Mike served as SS superintendent‚ children’s church and SS teacher‚ school mascot‚ and youth worker. Combining Christian faith‚ his firefighting skills‚ and contagious enthusiasm‚ Mike entertained and shared Jesus’ love with the children‚ which now included five of his own grandchildren. He made a real fire-breathing dragon and treated the Christian school children to breakfast at the fire station.

Mike served many hours with the fire department and was often the first on the scene. He was the safety officer and took that job very seriously. Mike thought of some of the men as his own sons‚ because he had seen some of them grow up with his children.

On November 17‚ 2008‚ Mike went on his last fire call. He went to assist another department at a house fire. While pulling hose at the scene‚ Mike suffered a fatal heart attack.

The inscription on Mike Snowman’s gravestone„ñA Man Missed By Allî„reflects the thoughts of all who knew him. It was the way he lived his life. No one remained a stranger to Mike‚ and he gave a helping hand to anyone. Mike’s life verse was James 1:22 which reads‚ …Be ye doers of the Word not hearers only … That sums up the way he lived and died.