Josef L. Welenofsky

Lieutenant Josef Welenofsky‚ 46‚ died at home on January 27‚ 2007‚ after responding to a motor vehicle accident the previous day. He was born and raised in Holtsville‚ where he lived in the same house his entire life. He was a graduate of Sachem High School.

Though Josef Welenofsky did not have children of his own‚ he worked as a school custodian for 26 years‚ where he was known to the children of his community as Mr. Joe. Much beloved in his community‚ he is remembered by teachers and administrators as always going the extra mile on behalf of the children in the schools where he worked.

At age 16‚ Joe joined the Holtsville Fire Department as the department’s first junior member. Over 29 years of service‚ he moved up to the rank of lieutenant and took his firefighting duties seriously.

He is survived by his brother and sisters.