Kyle W.C. Weisbrich

Kyle W.C. Weisbrich

Kyle was a person of integrity and generosity of spirit. He set high standards for himself. Honesty and compassion for others were important parts of who he was. He truly loved spending time with those who meant the most to him. If a friend was in need‚ Kyle was the first one to offer a helping hand. It was not unusual for him to stop and help a stranded motorist; even if it meant driving over a hundred miles to get them home safely. Sometimes this was after bringing them home and making a meal. Due to his generosity and ability to see the best in others he had many friends.

Kyle was devoted to his family. He enjoyed spending time with his parents and after a hard day at work he would think nothing of picking his brother up at school and taking him to dinner‚ the movies or a game. His favorite saying before leaving was ‘Come on‚ give me a hug’.

Kyle had hoped to make a career as a Firefighter and worked hard to achieve this dream. He attended St Cloud Technical College‚ completing Basic Firefighting I and II‚ Hazmat Awareness‚ Emergency Cardiac Care‚ and Structure Burn. In addition‚ Kyle was an Emergency Medical Technician and enrolled in the Paramedic program. He joined the Melrose Volunteer Fire department in September of 2005 and was proud to serve his community. After each alarm he was more and more convinced that this was his true calling.

Kyle had a multitude of interests. He loved singing and had a beautiful voice. While in school he was in the musicals and One Act Plays. He played the trumpet and was in the Jazz Band. Kyle was also a member of the Saint Johns Boys Choir and had the opportunity to tour with them throughout the United States and the Bahamas.

Kyle was eager to try new things. He was a runner‚ tried parasailing‚ was a licensed scuba diver‚ enjoyed playing pool‚ going to concerts‚ Minnesota Twins games‚ traveling and he loved riding his motorcycle. He was eager to learn everything about everything. Many times he would spend a weekend working on his car‚ or tackle a remodeling job‚ with the help of patient friends.

He was so excited about all life had to offer. He accomplished so much while he was here. While it hurts terribly to lose him; it was an honor and a privilege to know him and love him.