Brian Steven Richter

Brian Steven Richter

June 23‚ 1966 – April 8‚ 2001

Brian was a very quiet child who was always busy. His dad was his favorite person. Brian followed him around the farm‚ carrying pliers and thought he was working hard. When he was six‚ he set the workshop on fire. His family was concerned that his career would be arson‚ but fortunately after checking to see how big a fireball he could send skyward by tossing gasoline on a fire he quit starting fires‚ which was a relief to the entire neighborhood.

The family moved from Pottsville‚ Arkansas to Brandon‚ Florida when Brian was in the middle of the eleventh grade. When he donated blood for a contest to see which class could get the most donors‚ it was determined he was adjusting to the move. After graduation‚ he moved back to Arkansas and became a volunteer with the Moreland Fire Department. A couple of years later he returned to Florida joining the Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department. During the years he served with the Bloomingdale Fire Department‚ he received extensive train in firefighting and rescue procedures. After he married and moved to Plant City‚ Florida he served as Fire Chief at the Midway Fire Department until he returned to Arkansas and joined the Pottsville Fire Department. He enjoyed being a part of the Fire Department‚ feeling this was a contribution he could make to his neighbors.

Brian joined the Palmetto Church when he was 14. Living in different places he attended other churches‚ but Palmetto was his home. He worked for Americold Logistics as Chief Engineer. Relaxing activities Brian enjoyed were spending time with family and friends‚ canoeing3 skiing‚ swimming and camping. He liked playing board and card games. He especially enjoyed playing Mensch Argere Dich Nicht with his Richter Grandparents.

Brian died at age 34 in a motor vehicle accident while responding to a fire call early on Sunday‚ April 8‚ 2001. He is survived by his parents Kurt and Kay Richter‚ his wife Sonya‚ his son Nicholaus-age 4‚ his daughter Natalie-age 9‚ and his son Eric-age 11‚ who is also the son of Christie Richter Prestridge. He also is survived by two sisters Jessica R. Locke and Robyn R. Casey‚ his maternal grandmother Dortha Kinslow‚ and maternal great-grandmother Nona Kinder.