Gus E. Fullbright Jr.

Gus E. Fullbright Jr.

Submitted by his Daughter

Gus Fullbright Jr. served with the Sallisaw Fire Department for 20 years. As a young man‚ Gus wanted to be a firefighter in the worst way‚ however‚ he knew being accepted into the department would not be easy as other members must vote whether or not to accept an applicant. On the night the firefighters were to vote on Gus’s application‚ he was at work. A car in the parking lot caught fire so Gus called the fire department then started putting out the fire. Firefighters arrived moments later and completed the job then returned to the station and voted to accept Gus’s application.

Gus Fullbright joined the Air Force in 1966‚ serving a year in Vietnam. He was an active member of The American Legion and VFW‚ served on the Sallisaw School Board‚ and coached Little League. He was also active in the Democratic party and shortly after his death was voted ‘Democrat Man of the Year’.

A college scholarship to Carl Albert State College has been established in Gus’s honor for children and grandchildren of members of the Sallisaw Fire Department. In 1995 the Sallisaw fire station was renamed as the ‘Gus E. Fullbright Jr. Fire Station’.

Gus was a larger than life man with a gregarious personality and a hysterical sense of humor. He loved life‚ his community‚ and most of all his family. His spirit lives on in his children and grandchildren.

Gus is survived by his wife‚ Susan‚ and their three children‚ Mike‚ Gary‚ and Jennifer. He has six grandchildren: Jason (born 1991)‚ Drew (born 1993)‚ Kristen (born 1996)‚ Matthew (born 1999)‚ Emma (born 1999)‚ and Gus Isabel (born 2004). He is also survived by his parents‚ Gus and Joyce Fullbright as well as his sister‚ Judy Bibb.