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Gus E. Fullbright Jr.

Submitted by his Daughter

Gus Fullbright Jr. served with the Sallisaw Fire Department for 20 years. As a young man‚ Gus wanted to be a firefighter in the worst way‚ however‚ he knew being accepted into the department would not be easy as other members must vote whether or not to accept an applicant. On the night the firefighters were to vote on Gus’s application‚ he was at work. A car in the parking lot caught fire so Gus called the fire department then started putting out the fire. Firefighters arrived moments later and completed the job then returned to the station and voted to accept Gus’s application.

Gus Fullbright joined the Air Force in 1966‚ serving a year in Vietnam. He was an active member of The American Legion and VFW‚ served on the Sallisaw School Board‚ and coached Little League. He was also active in the Democratic party and shortly after his death was voted ‘Democrat Man of the Year’.

A college scholarship to Carl Albert State College has been established in Gus’s honor for children and grandchildren of members of the Sallisaw Fire Department. In 1995 the Sallisaw fire station was renamed as the ‘Gus E. Fullbright Jr. Fire Station’.

Gus was a larger than life man with a gregarious personality and a hysterical sense of humor. He loved life‚ his community‚ and most of all his family. His spirit lives on in his children and grandchildren.

Gus is survived by his wife‚ Susan‚ and their three children‚ Mike‚ Gary‚ and Jennifer. He has six grandchildren: Jason (born 1991)‚ Drew (born 1993)‚ Kristen (born 1996)‚ Matthew (born 1999)‚ Emma (born 1999)‚ and Gus Isabel (born 2004). He is also survived by his parents‚ Gus and Joyce Fullbright as well as his sister‚ Judy Bibb.

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  1. Twenty years has passed since the fire that took my brother from his family. He is gone but not forgotten. His memory lives on through his wife, children, and grandchildren. The Sallisaw Fire Department was named after him and he has a scholarship fund set up in his honor at Carl Albert State College in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. He would want to thank all the firefighters for their continued hard work and dedication. The fellowship that they have is remarkable. Thank you all for your service.

    – Judy Fullbright Bibb
  2. Gus Fulbright will always be remembered by all who knew and loved him. As Chief of the fire department he answered the call which took his life and injured many volunteer firefighters that evening. The City of Sallisaw, Ok. will never forget the ultimate sacrifice he made while coming to the aid of others. I grew up with Gus and he was from a wonderful family and had a beautiful wife and three children that carry on his legacy of service to others.

    – Deborah Cheek Sparks
  3. Remembering Gus always brings a smile to my face. He was a mess..a smiling goofy mess and brought much joy to many.

    – Wanda Brinlee
  4. Theres not enough words in the world that could describe how wonderful Gus was. My daddy Arnold Seabolt was so attached to this man. Only three times in my life have i seen my daddy cry and when we lost Gus that was one of them. I will always remember his smile and great personality the most. Now him and dad are in heaven still cracking their jokes and having the time of their lifes im sure! 🙂

    – Fairy Dawn Seabolt
  5. Gus was an awesome friend to our family. He worked with our dad at the Post Office and our mom at the Jiffy Mart. We all miss him very much.

    – DaLana (Seabolt) Sharp
  6. Gus was a very good friend of my Dad’s who was also a firefighter in Sallisaw. I spent a lot of time with Dad at the firehouse on many occasions with Gus and the other volunteers and will remember all the good times.

    Thank you, to all those who serve.

    – James Michael Remy
  7. Gus was awsome man he always had time to talk even it was for a min he helped put our fire out in 1993 when i stopped in to thank all the fireman he stopped to talk to me and told me he was sorry for us loosing my son. When gus passed away my heart was heavy i will always b thankful for his service RIP Gus

    – Gaylene hines
  8. I was only one when my grandfather was killed, but his legacy has influenced me very much. I have never heard an ill word spoke of my pepa and I doubt I ever will. I have always strived to be like him. His need to serve the community has influenced me to become a firefighter with the Fort Smith Fire Department.

    – The dud
  9. Gus gave me my first job. He owned Handy Dan Ice that use to be located next to Bill Browns Conoco.
    He also help me get on at Jiffy Mart. I was only 14 or 15 years old.
    Gus loved people, loved life and loved tell stories. He would embellish them to the point that they were so enjoyable. He ad lived as he went. His stories were always somewhat true. Gus was absolutely fun to work with. I have a soft spot in my heart for him because he was so good to me when I was young and goofy. I wish I could tell him how much I often think of him.

    – Mike Ellis