Richard O’Brien

Richard  O'Brien

Submitted by his son

Firefighter Richard O’Brien at the time of his death had over 40 years service in the Warren Fire Department‚ Mechanics Fire Engine Co. #2. Richard had served the Company as a officer in the 1970’s and the department as a Deputy Chief in the 1980’s. He was well respected in the community by many and was elected to the Town Council in the 1980’s. He would always give his time and energy to any organization in the town to help raise money for them.

If you needed to cook and get people fed Richard was your man. During the summer you could find him getting ready for the many Clambakes that he loved to do. He always said ‘ A bad day at a clambake is always better that a good day at work.’

On Sept. 10‚ 2004 Richard answered his last call. Responding to a report of a fire on the third floor at 67 Water Street. This address was one that he knew very well. He had grown up in that house. Responding to the station he found a driver already taken the engine so he said that he would just walk over being only 3 houses down from the station. Richard entered the house to help with ventilation from smoke food that was burned up in a microwave oven. While standing around with other firefighters and officers talking about a clambake that just the day before had worked Richard collapsed into the arms of his son Captain Patrick O’Brien.

Richard is survived by his wife Janet‚ daughters Dawn‚ Erin and Kerri‚ Son Patrick and grand daughter Gillian.