Willard Christoffer

Willard Charles Christoffer‚ age 54‚ a 1971 graduate of New Mexico Tech in environmental engineering died on May 14‚ 2001‚ from injuries sustained during a training drill with the Western Springs‚ Illinois Fire Department. Willard had been a member of the fire department for approximately 15 weeks as a paid on-call probationary firefighter. Willard worked as a regional director at ATC Associates‚ Inc. He was a certified Industrial Hygienist. He had served as president of the Chicago section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and was a member of its Asbestos Analysis Committee. Willard conducted classes and seminars nationwide on asbestos‚ hazardous materials‚ and other environmental issues.

In addition to his degree from New Mexico Tech‚ he held a Master of Business Administration from St. Xavier College in Chicago.

Willard was an active member of St. John’s Lutheran Church where he was part of the Senior Choir. Married to Lucy since 1990‚ the Christoffers have two children‚ Charles and Alyssa. He loved being with his family‚ reading to his children‚ singing‚ gardening‚ and cooking.