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Andrew  Waybright

Andrew Waybright

  • Firefighter
  • Harney Volunteer Fire Company/Frederick County Department of Fire-Rescue Services
  • Maryland
  • Age: 23
  • Year of Death: 2002

Submitted by his mother

Andrew ‘Andy’ Waybright‚ 23‚ was an active member of Harney Volunteer Fire Company of which his father is president.

On July 3‚ 2002‚ Andy collapsed and died while training for a firefighter position in Frederick County‚ Maryland. Andy had been an active member of the fire company for ten years‚ first as a junior and then as a regular member. During his active time with the fire company‚ he was among the top ten fire responders and top ten LOSAP recipients. He served as EMS captain and equipment driver. For two years prior to his death‚ he was employed as an EMT and ambulance driver for Taneytown Fire Company‚ Taneytown‚ MD.

Andy loved the outdoors. When he wasn’t working on the family farm with his dad and brothers‚ he loved to hunt. At the time of his death he had begun construction on a house in the woods that was to have been a home for him and his fiance.

Andy also had a kind heart. He was always concerned about the welfare of others. When away at work‚ he would call home to check on his family. He also made regular visits to elder members of the fire company. He often said that young people didn’t show enough respect to the older members of the community.

He is survived by his parents‚ James and Shirley Waybright‚ two brothers‚ Bradley and Chris Waybright and fiancee‚ Jennifer Reisinger.

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