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Roll of Honor

Age: 31
Year of Death: 2010

Christopher D. Wheatley

‘Chris’ graduated from the CFD Paramedic Academy just after turning 21 years of age in 2000. He was always a positive‚ upbeat‚ fun‚ focused person who committed himself to learning all he could to be a better paramedic‚ with his eye on crossing over to firefighter. After eight years as a CFD paramedic‚ his dream came true in 2008 when he ‘crossed over’ to CFD firefighter/paramedic. He loved the action‚ camaraderie‚ and discipline of the department and particularly loved the City of Chicago‚ proudly serving in the ‘best fire department in the world.’

Chris also instructed medical students at University of Chicago Circle Campus and instructed‚ through StartGroup‚ fire safety/emergency procedures in his off time. He committed himself to fitness in order to serve the best he could. In total Chris style‚ he prepared himself very well and took the CFD lieutenant test in early 2009. When grades were released in early 2011‚ his family was advised that he passed that test with a 92%. He always committed himself to his goals and did what was needed to succeed.

An avid Bears fan‚ Chris would celebrate every victory and could not be spoken to for awhile after a heartfelt loss. He also loved his Cubs and Blackhawks and celebrated with Chicago the Blackhawk victory in 2009!

To those of us who knew Chris‚ from the moment he was born he was and will remain forever loved by his mother‚ father‚ sister‚ many cousins‚ aunts and uncles. Together with his many friends‚ we know a part of all of us is gone‚ and we will miss him every moment of every day‚ but are always grateful that we were blessed with Chris in our lives.

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  1. Brave young Fire Fighter I had not met.I did howevert visit the Fireboat in his name while attending the IAFC Fire/Rescue Convention 2013. A beautiful piece of firefighting equipment that will carry Chris’s name as long the craft remains in service.Well done Chicago Fire Dept.
    Group Captain Len Carter. AFSM EFO BSc.(Retd)
    NSW Rural Fire Service.

    – Leonard Carter AFSM EFO
  2. God bless Christopher may he rest in peace,and all the Chicago Fire Department.

    – Grp Capt Leonard Carter AFSM EFO.
  3. I’m not a firefighter, or a resident of Chicago, just another Christopher D Wheatley. I live in the UK and came across Chris’s story after my young daughter asked me to do an internet search for my name. Very sorry for his family and friend’s loss, but pleased a firefighting vessel has been named after him. I’m sure his name and brave deeds will be long remembered, RIP.

    – Chris Wheatley