Roll of Honor

Christopher Michael Bopp

Christopher Michael Bopp

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 27
  • Year of Death: 1998

Christopher Michael Bopp‚ 27‚ a career firefighter with the Fire Department of New York‚ died fighting a fire in a 10-story senior citizen’s residence in Brooklyn on December 18‚ 1998. Also perishing in this incident were Firefighters James F. Bohan and Joseph P. Cavalieri. Bopp was a dedicated public safety officer‚ working as a police officer for 2 years before becoming a firefighter. Right before their deaths‚ Bohan and Bopp had played Santa and distributed presents at a local hospital.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Rest In Peace ??
    To all the fallen fireman and all those who remain, thank you for your courage and bravery. You are more than just civil servants you are family. (((Hugs)))

    – Jennifer St. Jude
  2. Chris, Was a nice guy. Back in 1996, I was going to the 61st Police precinct to join the Auxiliary Police program. My appointment was for 4:30 but the person in charge never showed up. I waited until approximately 11:00 pm. Chris, was such a gentleman. He was stationed in the PCT. that particular day and, was worried how I was going to get home at that time. He said if I waited a little longer he’d make sure I got home safe. I assured him I’d be ok taking the bus home. He walked me to the bus and apologize for the person not showing up. After I became a Auxiliary P.O. I occasion would see him around the PCT. always polite and respectful. I didn’t learn that he became a Firefighter until I learned of his tragic demise. I pray his family is at peace. God, bless them. May Chris, rest in peace for all eternity.

    – Gina
  3. Chris- we knew each other before the NYPD, when you worked at the bagel store on Flatlands Ave. Then, we were in Sister Companies at the Police Academy, and worked at the 61 in FRU together. We were called at the same time for the FDNY, and you accepted while I declined and stayed on with the NYPD.
    I miss you brother. Your smile was infectious and you always lifted people up. Rest easy my friend. God Bless.

    – Eric Sellers
  4. Saw your name In Memoriam in the Daily News today. Wondered why someone would die so young. Was so sad to read you died fighting a fire.
    Rest in Eternal Peace, brave firefighter. 😢😢😢

    – Regina Rossi