Roll of Honor

Dallas B. Begg

Dallas B. Begg

  • Firefighter
  • Osceola County Fire-Rescue, Kissimmee
  • Florida
  • Age: 20
  • Year of Death: 2002

Dallas B. Begg‚ 20‚ career firefighter‚ Osceola County Fire-Rescue‚ Kissimmee‚ died July 30‚ 2002‚ when a flashover occurred during a live burn training exercise. Two firefighters died in this incident. Begg completed the Emergency Medical Technology course at Valencia Community College and 450 hours of training at the Central Florida Fire Academy. He had been on the job with Osceola County for only eight days.

Dallas is someone who tried to find the best in everyone he met.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Miss him everyday..

    – Jordan G Begg
  2. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met…peace and love to the family.

    – Tim Lewis