Roll of Honor

Daniel R. Pescatrice

  • Acting Lieutenant
  • Cleveland Fire Department
  • Ohio
  • Year of Death: 1985

Submitted by a friend

On December 31‚ 1985‚ Dan was Acting Lieutenant on Engine 22. They were working a fire at Milner Electric‚ a commercial business at East 36th and St. Clair.

The building had many small cubicle type spaces. Dan got separated from the hoseline and became disoriented in the mazelike structure. He radioed a distress call that he was ‘going down’. He was eventually rescued but was found in cardiac arrest‚ having run out of air. Attempts to resuscitate him at Saint Vincent Charity Hospital proved to be futile.

He was a four year veteran.

It was after this event that The Cleveland Fire Department received (PASS) personal alert saftey system devices.

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