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David Wayne Page

David Wayne Page

  • Firefighter
  • Durham Fire Department
  • North Carolina
  • Age: 54
  • Year of Death: 2018

David Wayne Page was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. He was an avid motorcycle rider who loved being outdoors, where he enjoyed camping, hanging out with friends, and being on the water riding his boat at the lake and beach.

Wayne was someone you could always count on. He was willing to help anyone in need and was a very giving person. He never met a stranger and made friends with everyone he encountered.
In 2001, while hanging out with two of his friends, they all decided to tryout for the Durham Fire Department Academy. Wayne was the only one to complete the process. He was the oldest one in his academy to graduate at the age of 37.

Wayne was a certified EMT, firefighter, swift water rescue, and was a relief driver for the fire department. He really loved driving the fire truck, especially going lights and sirens.

He served with the Durham Fire Department for 16 years. After his diagnosis of esophageal cancer, he continued to work for as long as he could. He eventually had to medically retire on May 1, 2018, after his illness became too overwhelming to continue to work. Even after retiring, he continued to stop by the fire stations to see his fellow firefighters. Wayne was an only child, and he always considered them his brothers and sisters. They continue to give their love and support to his family.

After a courageous two-year battle, Wayne lost his life to cancer on December 18, 2018. Wayne will always be remembered for his loving heart, kind smile, sense of humor, and as someone who embraced life. He was always someone you could count on to be there. He will always be loved and missed by his wife, daughter, family, many friends, and the Durham Fire Department.

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