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Age: 59
Year of Death: 2019

Dennis M. Ebersole

On May 30, 2019, Dennis Michael Ebersole, age 59, passed away in his home in Kure Beach, just five months following a diagnosis of esophageal cancer. Dennis moved from California to Pleasure Island with his family in 1993. They ventured into the hospitality business with the purchase of The Palm Air Cottages in Kure Beach. Dennis served as a firefighter/captain for the Kure Beach Fire Department for 15 years, both as a volunteer and as a full-time employee. He had a passion for photography as well as collecting and restoring motorcycles.

Dennis had a heart for service. He was a master at seeing a need and fulfilling it. He never met a stranger and always had an uplifting word for anyone he came across.

Dennis is survived by his wife, Tammy; his son, James (wife Rachel); his daughter, Shelly; his brother, Ed (wife Kate); his nephew, John (wife Dorothy); and his unofficially adopted son, Cameran.

You can remember Dennis by living as he did. Do something nice for someone, share a smile, give a compliment, lend a helping hand, love with all your heart…

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  1. Dennis Was A True Hometown Hero In Kure Beach! His Legacy Will Live On Through The Hearts Of Everyone In Our Little Beach Town.

    – Linda Ingle
  2. A one of a kind guy with a beautiful loving family in service to our island community. We love y’all and are grateful for your friendship and humbled in the remembrance of Dennis.

    – The Farriss
  3. We can all only aspire and hope to embrace and share the Compassion, Generosity, Kindness, and Love that Dennis spent every day of his life giving to others ~ and Especially his family !!

    – Joan Bass
  4. One of the best men I ever knew and I’ve known him since junior high. Dennis and our son , Chris were best friends forever. My niece (who was a “little sister”) said he was one of the guys who was always nice to her. She had a crush on him.
    Dennis and Chris rode motorcycles together, skied together, ran away together (packed up some Pop Tarts) and took off in Chris’ truck. Later, they moved to Sacramento to continue their skateboarding career. There was no friend that Chris ever had, who was loved more in the Unsoeld house hold, than Dennis Ebersole.

    – Louise Unsoeld
  5. Dennis was a bit of a character on top of being a husband, father and friend. Loved music. He could organize anything. You seldom saw him when he wasn’t wearing a Kure Beach Fire Department shirt. He was always and I mean always there for the youth in our area. He and his wife Tammy always had their doors open to many. I miss him and his dry humor. He managed to do many things even when in pain. He didn’t complain he just got through it. His love of his Wife Tammy and his children Shelly, Jamie and Cameron was a beautiful thing to watch. Proud of him and his service.

    – Lisa Heglar
  6. Dennis Ebersole was a staple of my community growing up in Kure Beach, and also in many ways a staple of my family. Us kids were always running around his home, the fire department or the town. Dennis had a silence about him that was both powerful and warm, and much like his wife he always seemed to know when one of us kids needed a moment or some support. Dennis, to me, was the kind of man who never drew attention to your upset or awkwardness; instead he’d just cut you a look that said “hey buddy its gunna be alright just give yourself a minute” and leave you to it. He was also the guy driving by you out past curfew who instead of ratting you out made sure you were already headed home to your parents, and then leave you to it. Dennis helped a lot of kids but I can only speak for myself, his way of serving his community allowed me a chance to learn about being a quiet power in a place full of big personalities, and that being quiet doesn’t mean you do not have a personality! I’m thankful to the whole Ebersole family because I know for a fact I would not be who I am without their familial unit, but I am specifically thankful to Dennis, a man who never asked much of us and wholly accepted us as we were learning to grow into ourselves.

    – Erin Heglar
  7. Dennis was a brother firefighter in Kure Beach and is greatly missed. I was honored to serve with him and trusted him on the fire scene. He brought his own way of doing things and definitely helped our department be more organized and added his own style to the department. For any young firemen/women reading this – wear your SCBA. Dennis would tell you to protect yourself and protect your brothers and sisters. Our community and his family definitely miss him. Dennis is represents the finest traditions of the fire service and warrants the recognition as a Fallen Firefighter.

    – David W. Heglar KBFD
  8. We all miss you Dennis You were a great man. I promise to look after you true love Tammy.

    – Diane Heglar