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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Year of Death: 1986

Edmond P. Coglianese

Submitted by his Daughter

My father‚ Edmond P. Coglianese‚ was a Lieutenant with the Chicago Fire Department. He gave his life‚ the ultimate sacrifice‚ doing what he loved and serving the citizens of Chicago on January 26th‚ 1986. He saw to the safe exit of several residents during an arson related fire at a transient hotel before returning again to search for more victims and succumbing to smoke inhalation and burns. I was 12 and my brother Matthew was 9.

The difficult part of mourning my father’s death was that I wanted and somehow needed everyone around me‚ everyone in Chicago‚ to be in mourning as well. But that was not to be. The Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl later that day and now everyone’s attention and priorities turned to celebrating the big win. Sharing this ‘anniversary’ of my hero’s life and sacrifice with that of many Chicagoans’ ‘heroes‚’ a professional football team’s championship will never cease to fade from the media’s memory. Every year‚ every Super Bowl‚ thousands in and around Chicago reminisce and celebrate the 1985 Chicago Bear’s victory. It is on the news‚ in the papers‚ it is everywhere. But only a few dozen or so remember and celebrate the life of a true hero.

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  1. Rest in Peace Lt. Coglianese, you made the ultimate sacrifice doing what you loved. You are and will be missed. My God watch over your wife Eileen and your children.

    Don Spadoni, Div. Chief, Retired
  2. My sincerest condolences to you Eileen, Allison & Matthew. The heart ache one feels over the loss of a dearly loved one is unexplainable to most. Time passes, but, the heart ache continues on/on. May the Good Lord continue to hold you in his loving arms as you continue life’s journey. God Bless.

    – Joyce Lopez
  3. Rest in Peace Lt.

    – Don Spadoni, Div. Chief, Retired
  4. Rest in peace brother

    – Tony riley
  5. Thank for your service faithful servant! Your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family will forever be remembered!!

    – Holly Day