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Age: 51
Year of Death: 2007

Frederick A. Burroughs

Submitted by his Family

Frederick Allen ‘Fred’ Burroughs was killed when a propane gas explosion leveled a convenience store in Ghent‚ WV‚ on Tuesday‚ January 30‚ 2007.

Fred began his firefighting career as a junior fireman at the age of 17. The Ghent Fire Department had just been founded and was campaigning for volunteers. With the lack of anything better to do‚ he began to hang out there. It wasn’t long until firefighting was in his blood. He began taking fire classes and EMT classes and found out he was good at what he did. From driving the trucks‚ to operating the equipment and the pumper‚ to entering a burning building and actually fighting fire‚ to extrication‚ to CPR‚ to management of the department‚ he was eager to learn‚ and he learned quickly. He had a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of others. You see‚ when Fred was 13‚ he lost his dad to a sudden heart attack. With no training in life saving maneuvers‚ he felt helpless…he never forgot the helpless feeling he had that day.

Fred served 33 years as a volunteer with the Ghent Volunteer Fire Department‚ holding positions of EMT‚ sergeant‚ lieutenant‚ captain‚ assistant chief and chief. At the time of his death‚ he was a captain with the department and served as a member of the board of directors. The growth and well being of his department were always in the forefront of his mind. His wife would tease him that he loved that department more than her.

His ‘income producing’ job for five years prior to his death was as a building code inspector for the Raleigh County Code Enforcement Department in Beckley‚ WV.

Fred was a very dedicated family man…tremendously devoted to his wife of 25 years. His son and daughter were his pride and joy‚ and he cherished special times spent with all of them.

Losing a man with Fred’s integrity‚ knowledge‚ talents‚ love of life and family‚ quick wit‚ endearing smile‚ and dedication to his family‚ his department and his community has left a tremendous void in the lives of his wife‚ children‚ mother‚ other family members‚ friends‚ co-workers and fellow firefighters that can never be filled. Volumes could be written about him. His contributions were so many‚ the lives he touched too numerous to mention. We will never know how many lives he was instrumental in saving on that fateful day‚ but his ultimate sacrifice for his fellow man and on behalf of his department is a legacy that will live on forever!

Fred now resides in his heavenly home watching over us all everyday. He is survived by his wife‚ Hazel; son‚ Christopher; daughter‚ Lindsay; and mother‚ Betty.

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  1. Fred was a great man. These words cannot do justice to his life and the contributions be made to his family, his community and his State.

    – Hazel
  2. I miss you more everyday…it’s not getting any easier! I love you!!!

    – Hazel
  3. Hey baby!! I have been missing you so much these last couple of weeks. I realized what it was…hunting season came in. Wouldn’t you love to hear me say Baby

    – Hazel
  4. Missing a great man! Fall was your favorite time of year…hunting season and football. Think of you every minute of every day! Love you!!!

    – Hazel
  5. It is hard to believe that almost nine years have past since you left us. Time has not healed the pain of losing you so suddenly! I still love you with all my heart and miss you every day!!! You will always be in my heart!!! Love you!!! Hazel

    – Hazel Burroughs
  6. Well brother it’s about fall and hunting season. I’d like to have some deer meat but I’ve only hunted once since you crossed over. We’ll brother I guess I’m a gonna say later. You are loved very much n missed greatly. This is enough to get your x,your daughter, n that queer thing of yours you wouldn’t believe how each one of them are a disgrace to you n your birth family .

    – Mike Burroughs
  7. Miss and love you Freddie Allen, take care of my Dad (David Lee Sharps Sr)

  8. Hey Babe! It’s been ten years since you’ve been gone! So hard to believe because in my heart, it could have been yesterday! So much has happened since you’ve been gone. The kids are grown and both doing so well now…you would be so proud of them. We have a son-in-law and I’m sure you two would be great friends. We miss you every day…your name is on our lips often. I love you!! ? Until the day we are reunited…hugs and kisses!

    – Hazel Burroughs
  9. Hi Uncle Fred! Lots of time has passed and lots has happened! You became a great uncle 5 years ago to a beautiful intelligent little niece Sophie! You would love her!!! Super funny and quircky at times…. I got out of the military in 2012. Moved back home. Of course you know all of this because you are watching over us all daily. Wish I could have spent more time around and at least seen you again and told you I love you. I don’t really think about these things often because I shut the bad out and try to just go on because fact is, there isn’t anything anyone can do to change what the big plan has in store. You would be (and sure you are) proud of the family and how well we are all doing. I love you and can’t wait to see you again someday!
    Your Niece ?

    – Sam
  10. I’ll never forget where Tom & I were that terrible day. And the moment Tom saw Fred’s car on TV during the coverage. He KNEW if Fred was working in that area (which he usually did) he would be there.
    He had me immediately try to call Hazel at work & that’s when we learned the awful news.
    Tom still talks about him him & misses himto this day!

    – Leslie
  11. Hey Babe! It’s been a while since I posted! This past weekend was the Memorial and I thought of you all weekend! Your sister’s and I will be visiting this coming weekend. Finally cleaned out your closet…very hard to do!! I kept think that you should be here!! Watch over Lincoln…I know you would have the best time with him if you were here!! I will always miss you!! Your are the love of life!! Hugs and kisses!!!

    – Hazel Burroughs
  12. Hey Babe! We took your mom to Sandfork yesterday! Your little grandson was helping granny like he always did! You would be so very proud of our beautiful son and daughter!! They are amazing kids!! They sure love their granny!! I know it was a sweet reunion in heaven. I love and miss you so much! It’s your season here!! Happy Thanksgiving in heaven!! ❤❤❤

    – Hazel