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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2008

Jay C. Maddy

Jay C. Maddy was born on December 8‚ 1966‚ in Marion‚ Indiana. He was raised in Eaton all of his life .When he was little‚ Jay just lived a block from the fire station‚ so every time the fire whistle went off‚ Jay went up to the station to see if there was anything that he could do to help the firemen at the station. It was Jay’s desire and passion to become a firefighter like all the guys he knew on the department when he was little.

He did become that firefighter. He was at one time or other a training officer and a captain on the department‚ until he couldn’t find a good job to support his family. So Jay gave up his position as captain so he could become a truck driver for P.A.M. Transport. It was very hard for him to make this decision‚ but it did not stop him from being a firefighter. When Jay was home‚ he would be right up there if the fire alarm went off. It didn’t matter if he had just walked in the door from two or three weeks on the road‚ he would head for the fire department.

It was Jay’s passion to be able to help his community out. He devoted 20 years to the department. He would make sure to take his vacation so he would be able to help at the fire department Memorial Day car show and hog roast.

In May of 2008‚ Jay never got to help at the car show and hog roast. Just a few days before‚ Eaton Volunteer Fire Department responded to a rash of arson fires‚ and there was a community watch on‚ with firefighters and police patrolling the town. With the lack of sleep and the stress of all that was going on in the community‚ on Friday evening Jay was at home when he complained of chest pains. He passed away on Saturday at Ball Memorial Hospital.

Jay left behind his wife‚ Traci‚ and two sons‚ Cory and Kevin. He is missed by his loving family and his fire department family.

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  1. Dear Maddy family, Traci, Cory and Kevin

    Please know that Jay will never de forgotten by his firefighter family. Jay is a true HERO!! on this the 12th anniversary of Jay’s death.

    – LISA Hopman
  2. lisa thank you. For your remembrance of my brother Bub. It means a lot to our father and I as well as my SIL,his sons,and all the family

    – Jerri Maddy