Roll of Honor

Jeffrey Alan Guernsey

Jeffrey Alan Guernsey

  • Lieutenant
  • Washington Township Fire Department
  • Ohio
  • Age: 52
  • Year of Death: 2020

Jeff was known as the guy who would give you the shirt off his back and would always be there to help when someone was in need. He loved life, and it showed in the way he lived it. More than anything, he was a true family man. He passed away on December 3, 2020, after battling complications from COVID-19.

Jeff enrolled in the United States Navy right out of high school. His goal was to be a paramedic. He was stationed in Philadelphia working in the Naval Hospital. After serving four years in the Navy, he moved back home to Dayton, Ohio, and started his career as a firefighter. Washington Township Fire Department became his full-time home for 30 years. Jeff was a lieutenant and was in charge of the department’s honor guard. He was also known as the class clown of the department.

Jeff was the guy that all his family and friends could count on when in need of help, ranging from home projects, moving, planning a vacation, or just lending an ear. He had the biggest heart of anyone we knew.

Jeff was in charge of the Washington Township Honor Guard and would always make arrangements for himself and his honor guard members to travel and pay their respects to their fallen brothers and sisters. This was very important to him.

Jeff’s biggest passion outside of his career was most definitely his family. Erin (28), Matt (23), Alan (16), and Aidan (14) were the apples of his eye. Jenny, his wife of 17+ years, was his best friend, and they loved to travel all over, especially enjoying the Smoky Mountains, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean. His grandkids, Liam and Madison, had him wrapped around their finger! He was the best PopPop ever.

Jeff was very involved with Alan’s wrestling and Aidan’s martial arts tournaments. He was their biggest fan. He did whatever it took to make sure they got to attend tournaments all over the U.S. and that he was there to cheer them on.

Jeff’s big heart and humor will be remembered, and his infectious laugh will live on forever. He truly was one of the good guys.

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Memorial Wall

  1. As I told him years ago, Jeff you are everything I ever wanted to be in the fire service and I’m so proud of you. I seriously miss this guy, but don’t let him know 😂😂

    – Nova Williams
  2. You are missed.

    – Scott Kujawa
  3. Perfect. Miss him everyday!

    – Justin Keller
  4. Great tribute to your best guy, Jenny. I miss this guy so much. I was there to watch him begin his career. We were all so young then and we hung together like a tight pack of wolves hungry for the adventure. Jeff was such a positive influence on so many firefighters that followed after us. A true leader that wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything that he himself wasn’t willing to do.

    Rich Palmer
  5. Your love for us and our love for you will be with us forever along with all the beautiful memories. Your smile, your laugh and your positive attitude made everyone around you, love you. The many special comments from your crew and those that you have worked with and come into contact with over the years have been comforting to us. They were proud to have known you and honored to have worked with you. It makes us even more proud.
    You were our loving and giving son, brother, father, grandfather and husband. You are in our thoughts and memories every day. We miss you so much!!!
    Love you! Mom and Farrell
    – Sharon Sparks

    – Sharon Sparks
  6. You are in our thoughts and memories every day. We are grateful for the 52 years that we had with you but have wished for many more. We are comforted in knowing how much you loved and respected us and that you knew how much we loved you. Thank you for always being there for us.
    We miss you and love you!!!.
    Mom and Farrell

    Sharon Sparks