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Jimmy Scanlon

Jimmy Scanlon

  • Assistant Chief
  • Hopkins Fire Department
  • Minnesota
  • Age: 38
  • Year of Death: 2022

Assistant Fire Chief James “Jimmy” Scanlon passed away on November 4, 2022, from multi-organ failure after suffering an aortic dissection the day prior.

Growing up, Jimmy was smart and inquisitive! Obsessively! He was never satisfied with the simple answers; he wanted every detail of how and why that he could learn. That early thirst for knowledge served him well throughout his life. Jimmy spent his childhood playing soccer, camping, showing horses, and developing an interest in technology.

He always wanted to be a police officer growing up. In 2004, he had the chance to start working with his dad in IT at the Hopkins Police Department. His career grew from there. He joined the Police Reserve and became a public service officer, moving into dispatch and reorganizing and maintaining the property room. After 13 years, he left Hopkins PD to pursue professional growth with a position supervising the dispatch center at the Bloomington Police Department. He was given an opportunity to move into a role where he found a lot of interest and joy working with communications technology.

In 2008, Jimmy found what would end up being his true passion, becoming a firefighter with the Hopkins Fire Department. Impressing early, he was awarded Fire Fighter of the Year 2009. He progressed through the ranks to assistant chief in 2019. Highlights of his career include receiving multiple Life Saving Awards and helping deliver two babies on calls! He happily served his community with dedication and honor for 14 years. He took great pride in being a third-generation firefighter, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who served with the Bloomington Fire Department.

Jimmy’s kids were the light of his life! He loved travel, firearms, planes, trains, weather, and history. He was smart, knowledgeable, dependable, and capable. He could wire a squad car or build a three-season porch. He knew something about everything. He could do anything. He could figure out a solution to any challenge presented to him. He was the person that everyone came to for help. He was a natural leader who people wanted to follow, because they knew that he was leading them the right way.

Jimmy leaves behind his high school sweetheart, Kat, and their children, Arabella (17), Killian (7), and twins, Laina and Liam (4). He is also survived by his parents, Bob (Kristy) Scanlon and Terri (Chris) Scanlon; his grandparents, Larry and Linda Bergquist; and his uncle, Ken Scanlon. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Robert and Joan Scanlon and Yvonne Bergquist.

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