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Joan  Spear

Joan Spear

  • Senior Engine Supervisor
  • Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Montana
  • Age: 45
  • Year of Death: 2002

Joan Spear‚ 45‚ senior engine supervisor‚ Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation‚ died March 18‚ 2002‚ after she collapsed while training for a required annual pack test. She served with the department for 12 years and had full-time firefighting duties from March to November. During the winter‚ she worked part-time for the department providing basic firefighter training to volunteers around the state and working on forest improvement projects. Spear grew up on a ranch in Montana and continued to run cattle on her own ranch. She was the first full-body organ donor in her county.

She was very pleasant‚ had a mischievous sense of humor‚ and was a very capable fire person.

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