Roll of Honor

John J. Percin Jr.

John J. Percin Jr.

  • Firefighter
  • Prescott Fire Department - Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshots
  • Arizona
  • Age: 24
  • Year of Death: 2013

John Percin loved his family and his beautiful English lab, Champ, more than anything in the world. John’s honesty and loyalty guided him every step of the way and will continue to touch many forever. John’s smile, kindness, and warm embrace were unmatched. All of those who knew John felt the exact same way.

John is forever grateful for the love and support of the Prescott, Arizona, community—a tight-knit place where he bettered himself and proudly called home. He was forever touched by the love of his friends at the Chapter Five Recovery Center, and he was equally touched by the love of his brothers in the Granite Mountain Hot Shots.

John’s passion for life was deep. He approached every day with optimism and excitement. John was truly at peace when he was out enjoying the beauty of life. While he shined in everything he did, his true passions were hiking, basketball, and family. John is a hero who made us all so very proud. He and his brothers will never be forgotten.

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Memorial Wall

  1. I met John, through my son in Prescott; his Dads commentary perfectly reflects the person I met. During my interaction with John he always was grateful for God, family and friends.

    – Teresa Harvey
  2. John was seeing my mom at the time, and he’s the one who got me into playing basketball. and he’d always come over and we’d build these massive forts in the living room and watch bambi, it was his favorite movie, and then we’d go on a hike with Champ or do something outside. i’ll never forget the impact he had in my life.

    – rheann